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Play School Franchise
By SWATI MEHRA 724 views

Preliminary Considerations for opting for a Play School Franchise

Today obtaining a play school franchise in India is considered to be one of the most economically viable ventures taken up by entrepreneurs. Hence there is a huge demand for the same and with parents keen to enroll their children into the best available play school in their locality, this business is indeed quite lucrative.

But before finally stepping into the preschool franchise sector, there are certain preliminary things which need to be considered like:

  • Experience and span of operation: A playschool which has been in operation for a long time has a rich repertoire of experience to share and better able to guide. Opting for a tie-up with such a playschool is indeed an enriching experience and the franchisee is able to gain a lot of guidance and help from that experience. It is also necessary to know the franchise experience of the playschool; the more franchise experience the playschool has, the better the market goodwill it will have.
  • Quality assurance: This translates into thoroughly researching the playschool whose franchise a person seeks to obtain. The internet is a good place to start and social media platforms help a person understand the activities of the playschool and the parents’ feedback on the same. Visiting other kids school franchise set-ups of the same playschool will also enable a person to get the correct picture with regards to the curriculum and programs that are followed in the franchisor playschool.
  • Designing and infrastructure: While some playschools prefer to leave the same to the likes of the franchise, there are others who set certain parameters for the same. The basic aim of opting for a franchise is to use the brand value and market goodwill of the franchisor playschool to get established easily. If there is no uniformity in the design and the infrastructure that is used in the franchise and the franchisor playschool, it will give rise to ambiguity in the minds of the parents which will result in a loss of business. Thus it is always better to opt for a play school franchise in India wherein the infrastructure and the designing needs to be as per the guidelines set by the franchisor.
  • Scope for expansion: Opening up a playschool franchise guarantees success to some extent in the initial stages. As visibility and popularity increase so do the success of the same. Thus there comes a time wherein the playschool franchise starts to think of expansion to the second or even the senior secondary education sector. Obtaining a franchise from a playschool that is doing well in the primary, secondary and senior secondary segment leaves the franchise with ample scope for expansion at a later stage.
  • Restricted radii: Starting a playschool franchise in the vicinity of another franchise of the same playschool is definitely not a good idea. Competing with a fellow kid’s school franchise will make both the franchises lose business since the parents will be confused about which franchise to approach.

Only when there is absolute clarity regarding the above points should the entrepreneur opt for a tie-up with a playschool so that there is no scope of regret later on.

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