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hershey Rosen - real estate agent
By HERSHEY ROSEN 201 views

Hershey Rosen- A Real Estate Agent with Great Experience

The years spent by Hershey Rosen seeing his father construct one-of-a-kind luxury residences sparked his interest in the real estate industry. But the fact that he worked in real estate was what attracted Hershey to him the most. He says, “I adore waking up every day with the opportunity to show people the most beautiful residences that are now available on the market.” “It’s a huge honor and a great source of satisfaction for me to be able to help people buy the house of their dreams or sell a property when they’re ready to move on to the next stage of their lives.”

Early Years – Hershey Rosen 

In the early stages of his professional career, Hershey worked as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Faden Homes in the Montreal Canada. This experience not only taught him the sales methods he would later utilize as a Realtor with The Pioneer Group Real Estate Marketing Team, but it also provided him with an eye for the finer aspects that go into the creation of a luxury house. He is currently in his eighteenth year of servicing the Tri-Cities area, and he works with his partner, John Philips, to provide sellers with the most advanced web marketing package available.

Hershey explains that they do not just list a house on the multiple listing service (MLS). “We aggressively advertise each of our properties through our huge network of potential purchasers, business partners, and Realtors, therefore providing the property with the most exposure possible all over the world. Because we offer a comprehensive package of services, we are also able to stage and show the house in the best possible light.

His strategy & Planning 

As a component of this strategy, Hershey Rosen and his team make use of The Pinnacle List, which is widely used as a listing platform all over the world. The platform showcases the most luxurious available homes from all over the world through the use of visually stunning photographs and interactive tours. The website is the go-to resource for luxury homebuyers all around the world thanks to the dynamic and flexible content it contains.

It’s possible that this factor alone will be enough to keep customers coming back. However, Hershey Rosen and his partner in the company, John, also bring a set of formidable bargaining talents to the table, as well as a commitment to ensuring that every customer receives the greatest possible market value for their property. It should come as no surprise that he has a recommendation rate of 94% when you consider the pure excitement that he has for the work that he does. Already in 2019, he and his team have racked up more than $35 million in completed deals, and those figures are only expected to keep rising.

When Hershey isn’t working, you can usually find him giving back to his community in some way, shape, or form. He maintains his role as a donor for a variety of fundraising activities. In addition to that, he is the leader of Progressive, a community that promotes the emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of people. The club gets together once a month to participate in healthy activities in locations that promote health.

Recognition – Hershey Rosen

Hershey Rosen has had the honor and fortune of accumulating a number of trophies and honors throughout the course of his career. There is nothing that could be more rewarding than being able to advise and assist his clients in successfully moving on to the next chapter in their lives; it provides him with more satisfaction than any award ever could. Hershey is certain that owning real estate is the best possible investment and that it may have a beneficial impact on one’s life. He also feels that there is no other investment that can compare to the value of real estate. Hershey is also pleased with the progress that he and his colleagues have made with their company, and they have plans to increase their market share in the luxury goods sector even more in the future.


Hershey Rosen is not just inspired by his father’s construction and real estate work, but he himself is gifted with a knack for seeing through the real value of the property. He also possesses a dynamic personality and has the unique ability to negotiate with people and bring them happily to close deals. Above all, he is a very motivational and inspiring guy. With all these qualities, Hershey Rosen is bound to shine like a moon in the stars of real estate agents in the coming future. Last but not the least, Hershey’s behavior with rich and middle-class people is equal. This is his humane quality, which makes him stand alone in the crowd of real estate agents. We wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.

Hershey Rosen

Hershey Rosen has over 18 years of experience in the field of technology entrepreneurship. He is From Montreal, Quebec. He has founded successful startups and helped many companies onboard clients quickly and profitably.