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Car-Rema Rozay
By REMA ROZAY 5,083 views

Things to Consider While Renting A Car

Film production car rental in New York is very common and popular. A right prop is necessary to set the scene especially luxury cars make a huge impact in films says Rema Rozay. In fact, every day a lot of cars are rented to production companies to make feature films and television shows.

Todays, a lot of individuals have signed up their cars with vehicle rental companies for movie or photo shoots. You can find car rental service providers online who offer a great deal. They rent out the cars to producers looking for perfect movie car. And also to business persons who are looking for unique way to advertise their brand.

Whether makers are shooting on location or taking photo shoot on the road, renting a car is the best option. In fact, renting a car has become the most effectual and lucrative conveyance for film production companies in New York.

However, prices and coverage policies vary among different car rental companies emphasis, Rema Rozay. Therefore, you should consider some things before renting a car for either photo-shoot, video-shoot, movies or business promotion.

Car Renatl-Rema Rozay

Here are some questions that you should ask while renting a car:

  • Ask the Charges:

    This is crucial to ask for the fee before renting a car in order to avoid surprises while paying the bill. Sometimes, rental companies add state taxes and their own sale tax rates to the cost of the car you are renting.

Furthermore, individuals can see other additional charges such as vehicle license fee and energy recovery fee. Hence, it is advisable to ask for overall fees in the beginning.

  • Early or late Return Policy:

    This is also a thing to consider while renting a luxury car for photo-shoot or film Rema Rozay says. Actually, most of the rental vehicle companies have the policy that let individuals return the car without extra fee if they are late by less than 30 minutes or even more. However, some companies charge full day fee if you are late. Ask the company if they have such kind of policy.

  • Rental Mileage Plan:

    Some companies offer limitless miles for vehicle rental period. You can use the car in movie or photo-shoot as much as you want without paying extra fees. According to Rema Rozay, some rental businesses charge extra fees. Hence, renting a car for some day’s means you have sufficient mileage plan if you have to use the car regularly in the whole movie.

Wrapping Up

These are some tips given by Rema Rozay for individuals who want to rent a car for business promotion, movies, video shoots and more. Rema is running a car rental business in New York and has the best car renting options for every individual. In fact, she is the front-runner for all luxury vehicle rental in the New York City.

Rema Rozay

Rema Rozay from New York tells only a small part of the story. This Fashionista and businesswoman Rema Rozay always is the luxury car rental plug in New York City.