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Richard Rionda Del Castro film production

Top Tips for Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign for Your Film

Crowdfunding is a great way for film producers to raise funds from a large number of people. There are different types of crowdfunding and different platforms to choose from. However, creating an effective crowdfunding campaign can be an intimidating process says, Richard Rionda Del Castro.

Hence, you should learn different tactics to plan, create and execute your crowdfunding campaign. In this article, Richard Rionda has shared his insight that will help individuals to meet their crowdfunding goals.

Through crowdfunding campaign, filmmakers can build a loyal fan base. In fact, you will get the chance to build a good relationship with spectators who really care about you and your concepts. These individuals give film producers endorsement they need when supporting them with capitals and presence.

Here are some tips for creating successful crowdfunding campaign:

  • Select an appropriate platform for your film project:

    There are many platforms like Indiegogo, Seed, Spark, and Kickstarter for film launch. These platforms take some percentage of total funds raised through the campaign.

Some platform lets flexible funding where movie creators keep the money increasing no matter how. On the other hand, some offer fixed funding option where producers only keep the money if their reach their goal.

  • Know the audience:

    You should aware whom you are marketing. Fans? Friends? Are you reaching out to a more different group? While promoting the campaign on social media, you have to be specific and also offer bonuses that cater to your fans.

Know the audience

  • Decide on your budget for your expenditures:

    Here, individuals need to be faithful. If filmmaker asks too much, the audience will think he/she is crazy. It is advisable to take an idea from line producer on what the project will cost earlier you agree on campaign budget.

You need to explain where the money exactly is going in the campaign. Remember to add in post-production charges such as editing, sound mixing, and festival submissions.

  • Build a good network:

    You have to make sure your closer one know about crowdfunding campaign. This is because you can count on a good support from your friend circle and family. Furthermore, Facebook feeds, Twitter followers and LinkedIn contacts are all probable sources of funding emphasis Richard Rionda Del Castro.


  • Create a Good Video Presentation:

    Making a great video is an essential part of your campaign. Prospective sponsors want to get enthusiastic about your film project. So, you must give them that chance.

If you create a high-quality video describing your film, why you are passionate about making it and who is involved, spectators will more likely to donate.

  • Keep the Momentum:

    This is most obvious if you create a 30 days campaign in order to raise funds for your film, the excitement of donating will fade away within a few days. Here, you have to continue posting about the campaign on social media in more interesting ways. During this business campaign, you need to remind spectators how much left to raise your fund and how many days left. Also, offer people thrilling tidbits into the pre-production process.

Wrapping It Up

Richard Rionda Del Castro – a film producer has given these tips for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign. Richard is well known for his work on USS Indianapolis.

Richard Rionda Del Castro

Richard Rionda Del Castro: Here you can check breaking news and the latest updates about Richard Rionda Del Castro at Hollywood. He is known for his work on USS Indianapolis.