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Australia is a great tourist destination. It has so many natural and man-made wonders that people keep coming year after year. This has given rise to a rather large guided tour industry. This does offer some benefits, but it is not the first choice for everyone.

If you are handling a private tour Down Under, then you should figure out the travel logistics beforehand. The biggest concern after your group lands will be to secure an economical mode of transport to your hotel or place of lodging. This is where maxi taxi airport transfers are the most popular option.

What Makes Maxi Taxi Airport Transfers the Best for Group Tours?

When you have a group of people to tend to, hiring different vehicles can be a hassle. At the same time, it can be much costlier. The best option is to go for maxi taxi airport transfers. If your group has less than 10 people or so, they can easily fit into a cab. Otherwise, there are large maxi taxis available as well. This makes this transport method effective and cost-efficient.

By now, you might be thinking about how you can get the right maxi taxi services for your scheduled tour. Well, we can help you get a clear picture of the whole thing.

How to Select the Best Maxi Taxi Airport Transfer Services?

  1. Check their Website: Maxi taxis are part of a large hired transport business industry. The company that offers them will naturally have an online presence. Here, you will get to see the variety of transportation they offer including maxi taxis. This will help you decide which kind of transport is best for your group.
  1. Consider Their Prices: Cheap transportation is the main idea behind hiring a maxi taxi airport service. The cost you pay for one of these is much lower than what you would pay if you hired more vehicles for the same job. But you need to ensure that you are getting the price cut you want.
  1. Check the Vehicle Images and Other Details: If you have not-so-young people on tour with you, then this one can matter more than you think. Having comfortable seats in the vehicle is necessary if your group is beyond a certain age and the destination is at a decent distance from the airport. Also, you should check out things like airbags and cargo space too.
  1. Check the Drivers: At the end of the day, the vehicle is only as good as the driver. If the website has descriptions of drivers, then you should go carefully through them. Also, calling in to inquire about who will be driving if you book them is not a bad idea. This will give you an understanding of what to expect.
  1. Compare them All to Choose the Best: Once you have looked through 4 or 5 maxi taxi airport transfer service providers, do a quick comparison and choose the one that you like the most. Also, keep in mind that you can use them for other services as well as driving around the city. So, do factor that in.


Maxi taxis are a great way of getting all the transportation handled in one go. These companies also offer other kinds of services like for weddings and hauling small cargo. Take a good look at the vehicle and talk to a company rep to get a good deal. Above all else, make sure you strap in the belt to have a safe ride to your destination.  

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