Whether you are trying to find the perfect scent for a first date or for everyday use, choosing the ideal cologne or perfume is an absolute must in every adult’s life. Although one smell could be great for one person, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work well with your body – therefore, trying different scents, knowing what you like, and choosing high-quality brands is crucial to having a long-lasting and good-smelling scent.

Tips for choosing the right scent for YOU!

Choose your notes

Like wine, certain ‘notes’ in perfume can enhance certain smells and get rid of other ones. Each perfume or cologne has notes, with these smell characteristics influencing the overall scent you get from mixing the perfume or cologne with your skin. These notes consist of three layers: a base, a top, and a heart note. 

Some perfumes are fruit-scented, while others are spicy, musky, aromatic, citrus, or water-based. It is a good idea to determine which types of notes you naturally gravitate to before making any decision about which perfume or cologne to buy. Consider browsing high-end brands to see if there are any products that suit your needs, like comparing the different Comme des Garcons Perfumes lotions. 

Choose a concentration

The next step in choosing a perfume or cologne for you is to choose the concentration level – or the powerfulness of the product. As the concentration gets higher, the smell will get more pungent and higher as well. Typically, those with higher concentration levels last longer, since they use more product and less filler or water with the smell.

The highest concentration level is perfume, while the third level is Eau de parfum, followed by eau de toilette, and finally, eau de cologne. When looking at various colognes and perfumes at a drugstore, like the Comme des Garcons Perfumes line, take note of the different concentration levels before purchasing a product. 

Test the fragrance on your skin

Although the scent can smell good in the air or on the testing stick, it might not mix well with your skin. The key to finding the right cologne or perfume is to test the fragrance. Our skin has a unique blend of hormones and pheromones that can either mix really well, or really badly, with certain scents.

For example, try testing one of the Comme des Garcons Perfumes on your skin and see how it smells. Although you may like it, wait a few minutes and see if the scent changes based on your skin’s unique code of hormones and pheromones.


Choosing the ideal perfume or cologne takes time and research. By choosing the right notes, whether it be fruity or musky, and selecting the concentration level for all-day or everyday use, you can make smart decisions when purchasing a high-end scent, like Comme des Garcons Perfumes. 

Although it may not seem like an important decision in your daily life, selecting a perfume that mixes well with your skin, uses high-quality ingredients, and lasts the entire day can help you feel confident and feel refreshed. 

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