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Western Media
By DAMON VICKERS 1,782 views

What Influence does Saudi Arabia have over Western Media and Migration

Migration from Syria and other war-affected countries have become a big issue among global leaders. Saving these refugees is no doubt a big responsibility for everyone but people are not realizing that who must take the accountability in priority. Due to the influence of the Saudi Arabian royal family over the western media, everyone is looking towards European union for help but completely ignore the accountability of richest Middle East countries.

Since the war between ISIS and NATO become fierce, the number of Syrian migrants abruptly increases. People are risking their lives by traveling through the dangerous Mediterranean Sea towards the European nation in search of a better life. However, the entire world is ignoring that there is a much better and convenient way to save their lives. Saudi Arabia is the richest country among the Middle East which is also easy to approach. However, the western media is highly influenced by the Saudi crown prince to impose the responsibility of refugees.

Humanity is the corner of Christianity and it is expected mostly by the most civilized people of Europe. It’s ok to help the refugees to an extent, but what if they are ignoring a safer way just because of the influence of media. Countries like Turkey, Lebanon & Egypt are accepting millions of migrants, so what is the problem with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & UAE? These are the hardcore Muslim nations blessed with enriched oil sources. It is very easy to reach there by crossing Jordan or Iraq through road, still, nobody even thinks from this perspective because of the influence on Western Media that force Europe to accept the migrants on the name of mercy & humanity.


Saudi Arabia

There are more than 50 Islamic countries all over the world, then why Europe becomes the most favorable destination for everyone? Actually, everyone knows clearly that refugees from extremist Islamic countries will spread anarchy among their host country whether it is Christian or Islam dominated. On 14th July 2016, a Muslim migrant killed 86 people and injured 458 by stomping them with a cargo truck in Paris. This incident occurred on the occasion of Bastille Day celebration that clearly signifies as a terrorist attack against the European culture. Apart from this, many small incidents become apparent in the refugee camp locations in European countries. Still, western media didn’t cover the anarchy spread by migrants.

Wrapping Up

Even a person with average knowledge of using the internet can easily open the Google map to check the convenience & distance from Syria & Iraq to Saudi Arabia. Said Damon Vickers on the current situation. Still, they never allowed their own brothers & western media is completely silent on this issue. Such kind of silence will surely lead the peaceful land of beautiful Europe towards scheduled destruction.

Damon Vickers

Damon Vickers is the author of New York Times Bestseller, " The Day After The Dollar Crashes". He enjoys writing and public speaking

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