People who are suffering from sciatica pain know how much hurting it is. Sadly over the counter drugs only help you to get rid of the symptoms only for a certain period. The sciatica pain refers to a throbbing pain that starts from the pelvis area and runs down towards the feet. It can be either unilaterally or bilaterally. The pain is caused by the sciatica nerve that is generally identified as a neurological problem in the back. If you check with the Best Physiotherapist clinic in Gurgaon; you will find more and more people visit to treat for the sciatica pain.

With time, the sciatica pain is used as an umbrella term for any kind of back pain that travels down the leg. However, the reason and the condition can be different. For that, a thorough diagnosis is very important. Many people just Google the symptoms and follow the instructions available on the internet and finally end up in the worst condition with more pain. Only the Best Physiotherapist In Gurgaon can help you with the right type of therapy.

What are the reasons for sciatica pain?

Many underlying medical conditions like herniated or degenerated disc along with a compression in the nerve root of the lumbar spine can cause throbbing pain in the leg.

What are the effects of physical therapy in sciatica?

Till now, there is no known treatment or medicine to treat the condition. The only physiotherapy is effective to get rid of the problem. With the help of the right kind of therapy, you can get relief from the symptoms along with healing of the underlying cause and avoid the recurrence of the pain.

What are the main benefits of physical therapy for sciatica pain?

With the right kind of physical activities and exercises, the tissues of the lower back, abdomen, pelvis, buttock, and thighs are strengthened as well as mobilize. The symptoms of the sciatica are not only reduced with the help of the Best Physiotherapist in Gurgaon, but it also helps to treat the underlying cause. If you follow the proper therapy and exercise routine, you will have the following improvements in this condition.

  • It will help you to restore the pain-free functional movements of the joints
  • It will reduce the throbbing pain and sensation in the lower back, thigh, buttock, and leg pain
  • The muscle spasms will be reduced
  • You will have a restored function in the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint
  • The mobility in the lower body will be improved
  • The therapy will foster a better healing environment for sciatica pain.
  • It promotes neurological adaptations in order to lower the perception of pain
  • It prevents the flare-ups and recurrence of the pain
  • It will also help psychologically to get rid of the fear associated with the movement.

To get proper success in physiotherapy, you have to follow the right frequency and continue it with dedication and commitment. Constant therapy will help to treat the underlying cause of sciatica pain and make you feel better and fit.

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