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Signet Rings

The Signet Rings- Timeless Symbols of Identity and Heritage

Signet rings come in various forms and sizes, with gorgeously polished surfaces perfect for engraving. Ranging from minimalist gold designs to playful pinky rings with signature compass engravings, signet rings can serve as stylish statements that you can proudly wear and show off.


Signet rings have long held special meaning in our society; from symbolizing heritage to personal identity and authority. What makes this jewellery especially meaningful, though, is their aspect – wearers often opt to have initials or family crests inscribed onto them as keepsakes for generations.

This style of jewellery has been around since 3500 BC in Mesopotamian civilization. Used as seals to authenticate documents and protect against forgery or alteration, typically their face was inscribed with a family coat of arms or crest which displayed social status and heritage.

Signet rings have long been associated with royalty, with these pieces becoming a hallmark of their status and wealth. Today, however, signet rings like the ones found at Oxford Signet Ring Co can also be seen worn by those looking to make an eye-catching fashion statement or embody grace – many fraternities and societies such as Freemasons are fond of wearing identifying rings on their pinky fingers and stack them for added chic!


Signet rings were once seen as more than mere fashion accessories; they often served as family heirlooms with significant meanings attached. Stamped with family crests or emblems into hot wax or clay to authenticate documents or goods containing them, this style of jewellery marked authority and was seen as more official than signing your signature alone.

Signet rings date back to Mesopotamian civilization 3,500 BC and were worn by religious leaders, Pharaohs and dignitaries alike. Engraved with god names, these pieces would often be worn on the “guard hand,” the pinkie finger on the left hand.

Signet rings were popular among nobles throughout the Middle Ages and were frequently adorned with heraldry or coats of arms engraved onto them. You can click the link: historic UK Culture UK Coats of Arms to learn more about the coat of arms. By Renaissance time, signets had become even more ornate; becoming symbols of power and status.

Today we see this style make a comeback, being worn as signs of style and individuality – though still seen as status symbols by some. Today however, they’ve made another comeback as signs of style and individuality with many people opting to have personal crests or monograms engraved onto rings while others opt for creative designs that express who they are or who they believe in.



Signet rings reached new heights of ornate decoration during the Renaissance era, featuring heraldic crests and coats of arms carved directly into metal, along with symbols, initials, or even gems engraved within.

They have historically been chosen to express an individual’s personality and character, often passed down from generation to generation within their family. Today we can find this style of jewelry worn by men and women from different walks of life for various purposes.


Signet rings have long been treasured heirlooms passed from generation to generation; as well as symbolic representations of membership within fraternities like Freemasons or simply as stylish fashion accessories that add sophisticated grace. You can click here to learn more about Freemasons. Now worn by men but increasingly appreciated by all – they can even be customized with family crests, initials or monograms for personalization!

Engraving can be done either in relief or by cutting into the face of the piece. Relief work adds depth and ornamentation while carving directly into the surface creates a sunken effect that is more traditional.

A ring’s face can either be open or closed; an open face is more visible but tends to gather dust more quickly, necessitating frequent cleaning. For elegance and easy upkeep, closed faces may be best.


Modern pieces combine traditional motifs with contemporary design sensibilities for an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful experience. Their modern aesthetic captures our journeys and the meaningful symbols in our narratives; its face can even be inscribed with your personal symbol, an important memory or a quote!

These are typically worn on the pinky finger of the left hand, though their placement depends on comfort and personal style preferences. These pieces can also be combined with other jewellery pieces like wedding bands or class rings to complete your ensemble.

When purchasing a signet ring, it is essential to get an accurate sizing. It should fit snuggly around your finger so it cannot slip off over the knuckle and should feel comfortable for extended wear. We suggest getting measured by a professional jeweller as well as trying on similar styled pieces for compatibility, or cutting a piece of paper to size to hold against your finger and see how well it fits against it as another way of getting an idea of your size.

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