According to the most leaders, including Jeanine McCool Sarasota based successful business woman, administrative professionals play a key role in leading a team in every organization. And good administrative skills come with experience and learning. Therefore, it is essential for a professional to develop and improve these skills in order to grow professionally and personally.

Here are the 5 most essential administrative skills by Jeanine McCool Sarasota you must develop.

Microsoft Office

Those who are in administrative roles must have a strong background in all Microsoft Office programs. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as it forms the basis of many business communications and processes.

The amount of experience required in each program for an administrative role will depend on the level of the position. For example, an entry-level administrative assistant may only create basic reports and update existing documents, while an office manager might need to create new projects, templates, and procedures. Therefore, overall, knowledge of Microsoft is one of the most important criteria in the recruitment of administrative employees.

Jeanine McCool Sarasota - OfficeIconsCommunication Skills

Those who are in administrative roles must possess good communication skills. Most experts say all types of communication are vital for this type of profession. It includes oral communication for phone calls and meetings, writing capability for correspondence, and strong listening skills to follow instructions.

Almost every administrative professional needs to communicate with various parties, such as clients, suppliers, colleagues, and senior management. Therefore, good communication skills will create a win-win situation.

The Ability to Work Autonomously

In addition to being able to show initiative, the ability to work independently is well appreciated in roles that provide business support.

These positions often require a professional, who can analyze and process information, as well as follow every instruction and take effective actions.

Database Management

The ability to manage databases accurately is also a highly desired skill. Employers will prefer someone who is confident and possess skills and capability. As an administrator, you need to make sure that data is being managed and collected properly in the central data management system.

Enterprise Resource Planning

New technology has changed the way we work on a regular basis. Furthermore, adapting new technology is definitely key to moving forward within a business. And Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of the creations of this technological change. This is common business process management software that is used as a source to improve the flow of data across a business.

According to the most organizations, administrative professionals need to be familiar with ERP software to develop custom report cards. Generally, ERP software for businesses includes payroll and financial software such as SAP, Oracle, and Pronto.

Social Media Management

Businesses are now heavily dependent on communicating with their customers, and those customers are generally found online. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to have a social media presence. It will help them to engage and connect with audiences on a personal level. Social media platforms to promote businesses include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Jeanine McCool Sarasota - social media management

These methods of communication can help in building the business’s public image and create connections with potential clients.

Final Words

Jeanine McCool – Sarasota based Entrepreneur and great leader, who is known in the industry for her excellent administrative skills, advise every individual to develop these skills in order to win the race in the corporate world.

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Jeanine McCool Sarasota
Jeanine McCool Sarasota
Jeanine McCool Wife of Mark McCool has solid knowledge of business functions, business etiquette, and technique along with excellent people skills.

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