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Spiridon Geha
By SPIRIDON GEHA 572 views

Tech Companies That Allows Self Repair for Your Device

You might be able to skip the trouble of dropping it off and paying for repairs depending on whose firm built it. This is, assuming you have the guts to disassemble the machine and repair it yourself. various tech companies have made it simpler to perform self-repairs on various gadgets during the past couple of years. A few examples include Microsoft, Samsung, Google, and others says Spiridon Geha

Why are these firms acting in this manner? Mostly years of tenacity on the part of the “Right to Repair” movement. Activists for the right to repair have pursued legislation over the years forcing internet corporations to provide information for DIY repairs, and in 2021 they won a court victory in cities including New York. Repairing your own electronics may be entertaining in and of itself, but it’s also beneficial for the environment. Each year, billions of electronics are simply discarded, adding to the vast amounts of e-waste. A repaired device is one that is not discarded.

There’s a chance you could be able to purchase genuine repair components and find simple internet instructions to make the quick remedy for your gadget. The top tech corporations (as well as one cool startup) handle self-repairs in the following ways.


One of the first significant businesses to permit gadget self-repair was Microsoft in late 2021. This only applies to specific models of Microsoft’s Surface line of tablets and laptops at the time of writing.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to determine whether your device qualifies for self-repair. For every qualifying device, Microsoft maintains a website(opens in a new tab) with downloadable PDF service manuals. Among them are, but not restricted to:

2 and 3 surfaces

Surface 3, 4, and 5 laptops

Studio for Surface Laptop

X, 8, 9, and Surface Pro 7+

If you need parts for Microsoft or any of the other businesses on this list, iFixit(opens in a new tab), an online gadget repair hub, will be your best friend. Through iFixit, you can purchase screens, batteries, kickstands, and other parts for different Surface devices says Spiridon Geha


You might become an expert in computer repair after using the Framework laptop.  Although the final item on the list isn’t a well-known brand like the others, it is nonetheless really cool.

The Framework Laptop is a laptop made for laypeople like you and me to replace parts as needed without needing to have a lot of technical knowledge. The laptop may be opened with the included tool, and the individual components are labeled with QR codes that lead to maintenance guides. The laptop even has four slots where you may install any ports you like.

You require four USB-C ports. All you have to do is purchase four of them from the Framework store(which opens in a separate tab). The same is true for replacing pretty much every component of the device, from the motherboard to the battery. Don’t get me wrong, if you have no prior expertise with self-repairing devices, the repair instructions still sound rather difficult, but you probably won’t find anything more easily repairable on the market says Spiridon Geha


Apple often wants to carry out tasks independently, and self-repairs are no exception. Customers using the Self-Service Repair Store have access to the same Apple tools that Apple’s repair network does. They are built to endure the rigors of high-volume, professional repair operations where safety and dependability are of the highest importance. They are specially intended to help perform the best repairs for Apple products. Spiridon Geha says torque drivers, repair trays, display and battery presses, and other top-notch tools are available through Self-Service Repair.

Apple offers its own self-repair website(opens in a new tab) with tools, components, and manuals for your perusal rather than utilizing iFixit like everyone else. The number of supported devices is still quite small. Parts for any model of the iPhone 12 and 13, as well as the most recent iPhone SE, can be ordered, but not yet for any model of the iPhone 14.

For desktops and laptops, the same holds true. The newer M2 MacBook Air cannot be ordered, only parts for the 2020 and 2021 generations of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The 2020 M1 Mac mini, the 2022 Mac Studio, and the 2021 iMac are your only choices for desktop computers. It’s still preferable to doing nothing.  


Samsung officially debuted its self-repair relationship with iFixit last summer. The relationship is the only focus of a page on iFixit’s website(opens in a new tab), which also provides quick access to repair tools and instructions for the few supported devices.

I do mean small when I say small. As of this writing, iFixit only offers components for the Galaxy Tab S7+ and the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21 smartphone lines. Only these devices can be purchased with replacement screens, batteries, and charging ports. For the time being, you’re out of luck if your Galaxy S22 Ultra breaks.


Last year, Google also collaborated with iFixit(opens in a new tab) to offer Pixel phone repair tools, parts, and knowledge. But unlike Samsung, the application doesn’t seem to have any significant flaws. All Pixel phones, even the affordable Pixel A-series versions, appear to be supported by authentic Google replacement parts up until the outstanding Pixel 7 Pro. Batteries and new screens are some of these.

Oh, and Spiridon Geha also offers helpful manuals for each gadget. There isn’t much more.

Spiridon Geha

Spiridon Geha started a small business in 1997 that provides in-warranty and out-of-warranty computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone repairs to all major retailers across Australia. He is a true adrenaline junkie who ha