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Squash Equipment Simple methods to make your squash ball ready to play with a complete scientific background.

It was my first day at the local squash training institute. I remember my father dropped me at the parking lounge and said goodbye. I moved into the court, said hello to the trainer, the elderly man with a serious face and a long mustache. He did not reply and just pointed towards the court, saying to me to start practicing. I knew nothing, just picked my wooden racket, and started to hit the ball on the wall, tried to copy the players I used to watch in the matches. After a tiring struggle of 15 minutes, not able to hit the ball with a third bounce. In Squash Equipment The ball always died after my second shot; because the ball was not warmed up. The couch and the players were making fun of me; it was my first ragging ever in life.

After that, the coach explained to me the importance to make the ball ready to play. It is also the first lesson at the local training institute.

An Introduction to game-squash

This is an indoor game that is played in closed court in a double and single format. A striker hits the ball with a racket that, after striking the wall, reaches the opponent. Now, its opponents turn to move the ball before it dies.

What you need to know about the Ball

There are various balls used in squash depending on the level of the player.

  1. Black Ball having a blue spot, used by the very beginners.
  2. Black Ball having a red spot, used by the intermediate players.
  3. Black Ball having a yellow spot, used by the professionals.
  4. Black Ball having two yellow spots, used by the veterans.

The beginner ball has the highest bounce, and the veterans have the least. Similarly, beginner’s one requires very little warm-up while veterans one requires a warm-up of at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Why to Heat squash ball?

Reading the opening paragraph of the article, you get an idea about the importance of heating this ball. Why do we heat this ball? Squash is mostly played in the winter season when the temperature is very low. Keep in mind that this ball is air-filled. When it is not hot, the air pressure outside becomes more than the inside, and this ball squeezes. Resultant, the elasticity decreases, and it takes more effort to recoil the Squash Equipment ball. That’s why players suffer from joints pain.

Therefore, players heat this ball before they start.

Simple Ways to heat squash-ball without damaging the ball’s structure:

So far, you have learned that warming up squash-ball is crucial, but how should we heat this ball? Can we heat squash-ball inside a broiler or a microwave? No! If you are thinking of it, or someone is recommending you to heat the ball directly or indirectly on fire or waves, be aware of him. Heating the ball like this is going to deform the structure of the ball.

The squash ball can only be warmed for play manually by hitting the walls. There are two methods to warm up the ball, and we are going to see them in detail:

1. Solo method:

If you are practicing alone, then this method is for you. This method is not only going to make your ball ready but to make your technique and angles correct. Let us see this technique in detail.

  • Standup in the center of the court.
  • Face yourself towards a wall.
  • Hit the cold ball on the upper middle portion of the ball.
  • As the ball bounces back and hits the floor, hit the ball on the opposite wall.
  • Repeat this procedure 20 times. Take a rest of 5 seconds and then start again.
  • Do this for at least 10 minutes.

You can also warm up yourself with this methodology.

2. Partner method:

If your partner is with you, this method gives you a kick start and keeps you in coordination.

  • First, stand in the service court, the senior player in the left service box, the junior in the right one. The reason is that the right player will be playing easy front hand; while the left player will be playing comparatively difficult backhand.
  • The first player standing in the right upper corner of the court will strike this ball (volley) thrice.
  • After hitting three times, he/she will pass the ball to the second player by placing it in the center of the wall.
  • Now, it is in the hand of the partner. The left one will backhand the black ball thrice before passing to the first player.
  • This rally will continue until the ball heats up.

How much warm this ball should be?

Experts propose keeping the hotness of the ball near 20 degrees centigrade. But if you can keep the temperature between 15 and 25, it is very ok. In Sports Equipment Sometimes, the ball temperature falls during the break, and strikers spend time warming up the ball again. Moreover, a colder room also decreases the Squash ball temperature.

Things to avoid:

Following things should be avoided about the ball:

  • Do not keep this ball outside the squash bag; always keep this ball in the car.
  • Do not try to heat this ball inside the oven or broiler.
  • Do not try to heat this ball by rubbing it under the shoes or feet.

Is Squash-Warmer Machine helpful?

Nowadays, a machine heats the ball. Experts recommend an automatic machine, as it decreases the chances of joint damage by playing with an already warmed ball.

When to take out a new ball?

Two half-spheres glued together makes squash-ball, and the filled air leaks slowly with time. When the air leaks out, it loses its strength and hardness and becomes a little soft. Then, it bounces very low, and you need to change the ball. You cannot fix its life span, the life depends on multiple factors like quality, room temperature, etc.

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