Richard Rionda Del Castro Independent Filmmaker

Independent filmmakers produce a film outside of the film studio system. These films are distinguishable by content, style and the way in which the director’s creative vision is understood says, Richard Rionda Del Castro.

Making a picture without a huge budget create definite defies, especially for individuals who work independently. Independent filmmaking needs having knowledge of screenwriting, producing, editing, directing, marketing and distributing a film.

Here are some filmmaking guidelines for the independent filmmakers:

• Where do you find the resources?

While shooting a film, you have to do a lot of borrowing. You have to look for editing equipment, camera and other things. If you do not have enough money to buy the equipment, find individuals who have what you need. And ask them to rent out the equipment to you.

• How to pick up a location

When it comes to select a location, apply the same technique as above i.e. borrow. However, first, you have to check that if your living area is good for the shoot or not. Do not you have the location that will work? Not to worry! An independent filmmaker should ask neighbours or friends. If they also don’t have, start looking in the surrounding areas.

pick loctaion

Once you end up with finding and don’t know an individual who owns it, ask him/her for permission to use the site.

If you require a soundstage, you can ask the local melody venue or performing arts theatre. These places are good as they come with necessary equipment too. But you have to borrow the equipment as well in order to use them.

• How to divide up the crew

A film producer has to do everything. Actually, on the shoot, you may only have a few people who exactly know what is going on. Other people are actors. Hence, you need to be aware of what everything happening on the set suggest Richard. You can consider Richard Rionda Del Castro biography in order to know more about the professional.

Richard Rionda advice independent filmmakers that they need to be a cameraman, lightening engineer and director as well. Therefore, you should build up your crafts in every aspect of the art.

• How to find actors

You can ask your friends or relatives for the referral. Here, you need not worry about the acting ability. Teach the actors on the spot.

 How to find actors

Ask them to go through the script over and over again, if they are not able to act out a certain part.

• How much it cost to produce a short video

The cost depends on what you kind of video you want to produce. It is advisable to figure out what you have and also look for what you need. You should use all that you have.

According to Richard Rionda Del Castro, filmmaker’s expenditures should not go over 50 dollars while making a video of 5 to 10 minutes.

• Where you can show your film

Once you are done with making a film, you want individuals to see it. There are a lot of ways to show your movie. For instance, show the movie to some friends and ask them to spread the word about it. Moreover, the Internet is another way to get your name out. You can start with platforms like

Richard Rionda Del Castro – the founder of Hannibal pictures has given the above filmmaking tips for independent filmmakers.

April 19th, 2018

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Richard Rionda Del Castro film production

Crowdfunding is a great way for film producers to raise funds from a large number of people. There are different types of crowdfunding and different platforms to choose from. However, creating an effective crowdfunding campaign can be an intimidating process says, Richard Rionda Del Castro.

Hence, you should learn different tactics to plan, create and execute your crowdfunding campaign. In this article, Richard Rionda has shared his insight that will help individuals to meet their crowdfunding goals.

Through crowdfunding campaign, filmmakers can build a loyal fan base. In fact, you will get the chance to build a good relationship with spectators who really care about you and your concepts. These individuals give film producers endorsement they need when supporting them with capitals and presence.

Here are some tips for creating successful crowdfunding campaign:

  • Select an appropriate platform for your film project:

    There are many platforms like Indiegogo, Seed, Spark, and Kickstarter for film launch. These platforms take some percentage of total funds raised through the campaign.

Some platform lets flexible funding where movie creators keep the money increasing no matter how. On the other hand, some offer fixed funding option where producers only keep the money if their reach their goal.

  • Know the audience:

    You should aware whom you are marketing. Fans? Friends? Are you reaching out to a more different group? While promoting the campaign on social media, you have to be specific and also offer bonuses that cater to your fans.

Know the audience

  • Decide on your budget for your expenditures:

    Here, individuals need to be faithful. If filmmaker asks too much, the audience will think he/she is crazy. It is advisable to take an idea from line producer on what the project will cost earlier you agree on campaign budget.

You need to explain where the money exactly is going in the campaign. Remember to add in post-production charges such as editing, sound mixing, and festival submissions.

  • Build a good network:

    You have to make sure your closer one know about crowdfunding campaign. This is because you can count on a good support from your friend circle and family. Furthermore, Facebook feeds, Twitter followers and LinkedIn contacts are all probable sources of funding emphasis Richard Rionda Del Castro.


  • Create a Good Video Presentation:

    Making a great video is an essential part of your campaign. Prospective sponsors want to get enthusiastic about your film project. So, you must give them that chance.

If you create a high-quality video describing your film, why you are passionate about making it and who is involved, spectators will more likely to donate.

  • Keep the Momentum:

    This is most obvious if you create a 30 days campaign in order to raise funds for your film, the excitement of donating will fade away within a few days. Here, you have to continue posting about the campaign on social media in more interesting ways. During this business campaign, you need to remind spectators how much left to raise your fund and how many days left. Also, offer people thrilling tidbits into the pre-production process.

Wrapping It Up

Richard Rionda Del Castro – a film producer has given these tips for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign. Richard is well known for his work on USS Indianapolis.

March 29th, 2018

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Richard Rionda Del Castro

Location is one of the powerful storytelling tools in a film. From the objects that surround the character in a movie to the vehicle running in the background, all are part of film producer’s story. In fact, this is the large imaginary world of wonder says, Richard Rionda Del Castro.

Everyone wants their movie locations to be better. Are you new to the film industry and worried how you can find good locations for shooting? Not to worry! In this article, we have come up with some tips which help no-budget directors to find locations.

The sites need to go hand in hand with the story you want to tell through your film. However, every movie does not require the similar from its surroundings. Also, this is not an excuse to skimp on location investigation. You should scout for an appropriate location that fits best to your story.

Cannot You Pay for fancy Location, Embrace it! Emphasis on Making Story Great

If you do not have that much fund then acceptance is the first step and focus on another aspect of a movie.

Most of the newbie filmmaker thinks that they can create the set within few dollars. It just not going to happen. Hence, the key takeaway here is to work with whatever you have. Film producers can shoot the whole movie in one room and it will work if the script is good.

Ask for Favors

Actually, people do not tap into their network of family and friends while seeking the location for shooting. Who knows anyone from your circle has that farm, backyard or any other place that you are scouting for the movie.

Hence, it is a better option to ask you near and dear ones for favors. Maybe, in the beginning, this does not seem easy for you to find the location. But after a little search, you will come out with what you exactly want emphasis, Richard Rionda Del Castro. The no-budget film producer should remember that they cannot find locations unless they ask around.

Free Permit Areas

For external locations, licenses are the biggest hurdle because many community areas cost thousands of dollars a day. But not to worry, there are a lot of areas that do not charge for film permits. This is something that you need to focus on as you will be amazed to learn a lot of fantastic venues can be had for nothing at all.

Guerilla Shooting

When it comes to civic property i.e. parks, streets etc. you must have to take permission from several film councils in that area. Some areas offer free permits but sometimes directors have to shoot in a specific location or offer product placement to a business or location where no free option is available.

Guerilla Shooting

In such cases, you should consider shooting guerilla style. It is advisable to be careful while shooting in this style. Because guerilla style lead individuals to get their gear and footage confiscated and they can get fined.

Wrapping Up

Richard Rionda Del Castro has shared these some things to consider while looking for the location with no-budget. The newbie film creators have to mine their personal network to find the locations they want. Furthermore, they should think and make sure that locations they are going to shoot at are safe for every individual in the movie.

March 7th, 2018

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