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As the lifestyle of people is changing, there is less time to visit doctors and go to hospitals. In the digital era and the advancement of technology, people are looking forward to more advanced solutions. Healthcare sector is using the latest technology and delivering medical services through telemedicine. The doctors now connect with the patients in distant locations. The telemedicine app developers should make sure that the application developed meets the demand of the doctors and competent to function.


Telemedicine is the practice of rendering clinical services with the use of information technology and telecommunications to the population situated in remote areas and underdeveloped countries that lack such medical services. The users can have access to telemedicine services with an internet connection. With the rise in the population of elderly people, telemedicine is a boon; it is also very useful for patients with chronic situations. In case of emergency situations and that needs immediate situation, telemedicine is an effective way to render consultation. Doctors at different locations can connect with each other to get help in treatment.

Classification of telemedicine services

  • Store and forward
  • Online consultations
  • Remote monitoring
  • Mobile health

Following are features that the developers to consider in the development of telemedicine

  • Login page: The mobile applications should have a login page where the new users can sign up and existing users can log in to the application. It takes all the details of the customers regarding the personal details. The app can also ask users to log the details regarding weight, health conditions and other health details.
  • Profile of the doctor: One important element in the app is the creation of a profile of the doctor. The doctor’s profile consisted of specialization, locations, the name of the clinic or hospital where he is rendering services, day and timing. Developers can also add rating options where the user can rate the services. The subsequent users can select for consultations on the basis of these ratings.
  • Search for the doctor: This section of the app lets the users search the doctors according to the services and ailments. The users can reach specific doctors according to the medical conditions. The user can refine its search by putting the keywords such as if he is looking for the heart-related disease he can find the cardiologist.
  • Booking of appointment: After the selection of the required specialist, the user will schedule an appointment with the doctors. For scheduling the appointment the user needs to fill out the form mentioning all the personal details such as name, contact number, medical conditions, medical history. The apps provide the details on the calendar in the app and schedule at his convenient time.
  • Payment option: The developers need to provide a payment gateway where the users can pay for the consultation after the meeting. It should include payment from debit and credit cards. It is an important option so that the details do not get leaked from the platform.
  • Geo location: It is a necessary feature in the app this time. This function lets the patient know the less time-consuming time route to reach the doctor. It also shows the map to the locations to the doctor.
  • Live video conferencing: The best option a patient can use is to connect with the doctor in the live chat or video calling. The patients can connect to the doctor regarding illness and have direct interaction.
  • Patients’ health records: The telemedicine app is the one-stop solution for the users. It also bears the feature to store the health records of the patients, such as X-rays, ECG and other records associated with the health element. According to a study, more doctors are using health apps for the data. so, it becomes essential that the data is secure and safe in the application.
  • Medication Notification: It happens too often that patients forget to take medication on time. The app has the feature to notify patients to take pills and medication on time. The patients can set time for the reminders according to their schedule.
  • Facing emergency situations: The application should also have the facility to contact doctors in emergency situations. It is a very feasible idea where a person can have direct contact with the hospital or call an ambulance in just a single click.

Conclusion: There are growing technologies and advancement in the healthcare sectors that is providing simple and scalable solutions to the patients. The healthcare industry is rising with all the advancement and accelerating in terms of services. According to a futuristic, around 80% of the doctors in the USA will use telemedicine applications a preferred way to connect with the patients. The developers should engage in discussions to understand the needs of the customers. They should also consult with the medical practitioner to have a clear idea of what an app requires to become successful among the users.

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