Caleb Laieski: If you are a world resident in the 21st century, one of the most widely recognized worries that you will come across to the environment. Everybody is discussing the environment and more critically, everybody is discussing the need to save and conserve the environment.

According to Caleb Laieski if you flip over the news channels or nature based programs, you will undoubtedly hear the many grave worries that are being expressed by a large group of people running from politicians, to environmentalists and down to lay folk about the worries that the environment is presently confronting the world over.

What precisely is the environment? Why are we all so worried about it? In a very generic sense, the environment refers to the setting and the surroundings in which a specific thing exists. In any case, when we refer to the environment as it affects Planet Earth, we are referring to the condition of the natural world or of the biological system.

 Planet and Environment Caleb Laieski

The natural environment implies the sum total of the creatures that exist on the earth and the inter connectedness of these living beings with the earth and its resources. Thus, the biological community refers to the association between the living (biotic) and the non-living (abiotic) constituents of the environment.

We differentiate between the fabricated and the natural environment. The natural environment basically comprises of parts of nature which exist and have they are being without human intervention like air, the soil, water, the environment, creatures, birds, plants and people themselves. Then again, the assembled environment comprises of human creations like towns, urban areas, ventures, vehicles and a large group of other man-made structures.

The issue in the environment today is because of the extreme and harsh intervention of people on the natural environment in the postindustrial period. The industrial time initiated in the nineteenth century and we saw quick advances throughout the last century and a half.

The growth of human intervention in the natural environment has been required additionally by the quick growth of human population over the course of the most recent two centuries. The worldwide population surpasses more than 6 billion presently and this has sweeping implications for the effect on nature. It is not exactly conceivable to maintain such a colossal population on the planet with restricted natural resources. Thus, environmental pressure and biological system breakdowns have happened where individuals have over surpassed the limit of the earth to meet human necessities which have extended unsustainably.

The environment comprises of very delicate ecosystems, a large number of which are currently wiped out or extremely threatened. The earth has enough to address human needs yet surely not to meet human greed! It is very genuine that we have not acquired this world from our parents, but rather just borrowed it from our children. Till date, the earth is the main known planet in this immense universe that has environment helpful for life. The environment is all that we need to sustain us and our descendants. It’s high time now that we gave careful consideration to our greedy wishes and listened more closely to what the environment needs to maintain itself for the long term.

Caleb Laieski is a major advocate for public safety, the environment, and LGBT Rights.  He always encourages people to take preventive steps to save the environment.

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Caleb Laieski
Caleb Michael Laieski is an environment and civil rights activist, as well as a Champion to the LGBT rights movement. He was bullied, dropped out of high school and quickly obtained his GED. After being bullied at the age of 16, he became a national advocate for anti-bullying, LGBT rights, and suicide prevention.