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household appliances

Tips for Buying the Right Home Appliance

Are you planning to renovate your home or moving into the new one? Don’t make the mistake of taking the purchase of appliances lightly. “Appliances form the backbone of a home,” says Albert Fouerti. He couldn’t be more correct. But these days, appliances are manufactured by so many different brands and feature so many different options, the array of choices can be dizzying. It’s absolutely important that you choose appliances that fit your lifestyle and your needs in terms of logistics, aesthetics, and capabilities.

Albert Fouerti has decades of experience owning and building a top-tier appliance retail company. In this piece, you can draw on his expertise to be as well-informed as possible when it comes to selecting appliances that are just right for you whether it be a refrigerator, range, dishwasher, laundry machine, or whatever you might need.

Here are some tips for purchasing the right home appliance:

• Do some research:

One of the ways to learn about a particular brand is to ask people who own them. You should ask friends, family, or neighbors about their appliances about their personal experiences and what they like and don’t like about their looks and capabilities. According to Albert Fouerti, “Checking online reviews is also a great idea. Today, everyone has an opinion about everything and they broadcast to the entire world over the internet. You may as well use it to your advantage.”

• Compare different brands:

After some research of several brands, do a side by side comparison of each. Compare the features on comparable models and consider what would be most useful to you. “Make sure you check reputable-third party assessments such as Consumer Reports. Just because something looks great on paper doesn’t mean you should trust without making completely sure.”

• Check some extra features:

Some extra features are built into household appliances which are helpful on a practical level in everyday life. For instance, a washing machine allows you to add clothes in mid wash, a water purifier having a larger reservoir and more help individuals making life more convenient. “Maybe such factor requires you to spend more, but you will also get better value for money,” says Albert Fouerti.

• Negotiate:

“Always, always negotiate. It never hurts to try,“ Albert Fouerti advises. He adds, “It’s not just about money, either. If you can’t get the seller to lower the price, value comes in other forms. Ask if they can throw in an extended warranty or remove old appliance being replaced from your home.”

Home Appliance

• Measure carefully:

When planning to purchase appliances, it is crucial to measure the intended space precisely. “There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing an appliance, having it delivered to your residence, and finding out it can’t be maneuvered to its destination,”

Albert Fouerti warns. You have to take the measurement of length, width, and height of space where you want to fit the unit.

Furthermore, consider the passageways and corners you need to navigate on your way to the installation area.

Every little measurement detail counts. For instance, if you are purchasing stoves, don’t forget to consider the space needed to connect any wiring or hoses at the rear. In case of a refrigerator, make sure to account for the width with protruding hinges.


Albert Fouerti is imparting his knowledge with the intent of helping you make the right decision when purchasing appliances. Why should you take the risk of regretting a major purchase and living with the mistake for years to come? If you follow his advice, you’ll make the right decision and improve the quality of life in your home.

Albert Fouerti

Albert Fouerti is Chief Executive Officer at Appliances Connection and 1StopCamera. Albert Fouerti operates 1 Stop Camera & Electronics, which maintains a Brooklyn storefront and website at 1StopCamera.com.