Wherever you work, as long as you aren’t the CEO or owner of your company, there will always be someone better. This is a well-known fact. The quality of graduates improve over the years, and the world continues to churn out professionals at a steady rate.

However, there are plenty of characteristics you can possess so that you become indispensable to your company. 

In this article, Larby Amirouche, as the CEO and owner of multiple companies, tells you everything you need to know about being irreplaceable. Follow these tips, and your current company will have a difficult time in replacing you. 

1. Be present.

Being present doesn’t necessarily mean just being there. It means that you should be physically, socially, and mentally present. It will be hard to discern when someone is watching, but always assume that that’s the case. 

You wouldn’t want an employee that’s physically there, and yet his shoulders are slumped trying to get a better view of his phone. Being present means being actively there to listen to requests, orders, and the occasional stories. Your bosses will appreciate this more than you know. 

2. Offer solutions by being a problem solver.

A lot of people can notice problems. Few point them out. However, the most valuable people would be those that try to solve them. Instead of just being a noticer, or someone who points out problems, be the person that solves them.

It will seem difficult especially when you feel as if the problem is beyond your paygrade, but you will have to strike a balance between overstepping and being helpful. Gauge your helpfulness according to the problem at hand. If the problem feels too big for your paygrade, get a second opinion, and then determine if that’s true or not. 

People like problem solvers, and you’ll be guaranteed to be remembered for it. 

3. Monopolize a certain skill.

This tip focuses on not being replaced by someone who works with you. How will you be replaced when you’re the only one in the office who can do the thing you do? Your next question will be, “how?”


If you’re thinking about how to monopolize a skill, find out who you’ve replaced. Think about all the tasks that he/she has done, and do them better. Find ways to make your job more efficient, and you’ll stumble upon a certain skill you can monopolize. 

This isn’t always guaranteed to help you keep your position, as there will always be someone better than you. However, you can

4. Be good at many things.

By having multiple skills, the office will be able to rely on you more. Take note that in an office setting, you’ll always be remembered for what you can and can’t do. The more that you can do, the more the people will be looking for you.

However, when you do this, it will come with a lot of work. So be prepared to be always called for. This will certainly help cement your role in the company. 

5. Invest in learning a new language. 

It doesn’t have to be a language people speak, you could learn programming or knowing how to deal with irate customers. What this will do is help you gain input on multiple things that might not be expected of you. 

Doing unexpected good things will always shock your supervisors in a good way. By doing this, you not only imprint a positive image on their minds about you, but you also open yourself up to new tasks. New tasks and responsibilities almost always mean better compensation.

New tasks

This is a tip that can be used either for the furtherance of your career or the retention of your current job. Regardless of how you use it, learning a new language will always be helpful to you in the long run. 

6. Be a team player. 

You’d like to believe that only your supervisors have a choice regarding your tenure. However, this is almost always false. Your co-workers and teammates will always have a say whether or not you stay. 

Be kind to your teammates, chances are, they’ll be nice to you too. Once you establish a proper relationship with them, they’ll have your back as long as you have theirs. You don’t want to cross too many personal boundaries, however. Having work friends is all right, but be careful not to overdo it. 

7. Have a good attitude.

While this won’t necessarily highlight your skills, having a good attitude will help your work relationships. Besides, no one likes to work with grumpy Mike. Brighten your office with a little smile here and there. You’ll notice wonders in no time.

8. Be trustworthy.

If you’re someone who can keep secrets and do confidential jobs well, chances are, you won’t be easily replaced. Trust is a valuable resource that not everyone can simply give away. No one in their right mind would replace a person who knows some company secrets. Even if they do trust you enough to tell you about them.

9. Always keep in mind that everyone is expendable.

Drill it into your head that no matter how strict you follow these rules, there will be someone that does it better. Complacency is the poison that drags you down. 

If you’re feeling safe in your job, that’s when you should strive to do better. You can’t be caught slacking, because schools are truly churning out more and more professionals. 


Following these tips set by Larby Amirouche will help you retain your job position longer. There’s no doubt about it. However, you have to make sure that you don’t get too comfortable. 

You yourself will be your own enemy when it comes to job retention. Work hard, and keep working hard.

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Larby Amirouche
Larby Amirouche
Larby Amirouche from Chicago, IL is a pioneer in online marketing and e-commerce, widely admired as a business pioneer and trendsetter.

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