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Indian cooking
By JACK WILLIAM 1,615 views

Use The Best Traditional Cookware For Indian Cooking

Indian heritage and Indian food are known as loved all around the world. People all over the world love and adore Indian food for the variety, the burst of flavors they get from the Indian dishes. Many people in foreign countries are also learning to cook Indian food on their own.

Indian chai, among other dishes, is one of the most popular drinks loved by people all over the world. Indian chai is really easy to make. People fond of drinking chai also need a special Indian chai glass. Drinking in the glass makes it even more enjoyable. 

No matter where you are living or you can easily get access to traditional cookware for Indian cooking these days. There are many stores in foreign countries that sell all kinds of Indian cookware manufactured specifically in India to get the right texture and flavor of Indian food. 

Let us take a look at some Indian cookware that you require for cooking basic Indian food. 

Indian Gas Cooker– 

Indian gas cooker is something no Indian can live with. Indian gas cooker is required to make some of the basic dishes like khichdi, daal, and rice. Indians migrating abroad do not leave the country without an Indian gas cooker. Indian gas cooker is something that you will easily find in any Indian kitchen. You can easily boil food using an Indian gas cooker. It becomes much easier, convenient with the cooker to boil things quickly. 

Chutney Blender–

Chutney is an accompaniment that goes along with a variety of foods like dosa, idli, parantha, etc. Indians prefer making their chutney at home. It is quite easy to prepare if you have an Indian chutney blender in your kitchen. Using an Indian chutney blender, you can prepare fresh chutney every day to go along with your meals. You can find an Indian chutney blender at any Indian store selling Indian cookware. These blenders are really powerful that can help you in preparing chutney in just a few minutes. 

Indian Cooking Pan–

Indian cooking pan is required daily to make curries or frying stuff. Indian cooking pan is small-sized, flat pans used for preparing tadka, roti, or paratha. You can also use an Indian cooking pan to stir-fry vegetables. Many people use it to prepare sabzis. Cooking pans are mostly made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that has a great thermal conductivity which makes it one of the best materials for making a pan that can be used to cook food. 

Mortar & Pestle–

You can easily find mortar or pestle in any Indian spice container from the Indian kitchen you visit. You will find mortar, pestle made out of different materials. Brass and stone are the two most favored materials using which mortar and pestle are made. A mortar is a small bowl, a pestle is a heavy object in the shape of a small stick to crush in the mortar.

Mortar and pestle can be used to crush or grind herbs, spices, seeds for masalas, chutneys, or even dosa batter. In India, each region has its own type-specific use of a mortar or pestle. If you have a mortar pestle you do not have to worry about fine chopping ginger, garlic, or onion. You can easily crush it using a mortar or pestle. People often use a blender for making ginger-garlic or onion paste.

Indian Cooking Pots–

Indian cooking pots are used for cooking different types of daal, curries, biryani, other rice dishes. You can easily make large quantities of daal or rice dishes using Indian cooking pots. The Indian cooking pot is actually a multi-utility vessel. Most Indian cookware is multi-utility you can easily use it for different purposes in the kitchen. 



You will find much ancient Indian cookware to be made out of clay. The food prepared in those vessels is even tastier. It brings out the taste and the flavor of the food items are spices really well. Later, some of the vessels like pans, pots are now made out of aluminum which is also great for cooking food. 

Indians love their food as they put a lot of thought, effort, love into their cooking which shows in the food that is prepared. With this Indian cookware, they make sure that their cooking is made convenient and tasty. The above-mentioned are some of the most popular Indian cookware and you will easily find these vessels in any Indian kitchen. 

Indian kitchens are filled with a variety of vessels and commodities for cooking the most delicious food. If you are learning to cook Indian food, you can start by using some of these vessels, or they try out some Indian dishes on your own.

Jack William

As the marketing head at Popat Stores Ltd, Jack William has a reputed name in the industry. He consistently contributes his valuable knowledge to the top blogging sites.