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Sohil merchant
By SOHIL MERCHANT 1,910 views

Sohil Merchant | 2022 USA Cricket Match, A Match that Inspires Patriotism

Cricket was a game that began as a kid’s game in Britain during the colonial era. It has branched out to be a widely known adult and kids sport.

A long time ago, people from Britain introduced cricket to other countries. After its introduction, the game grew in popularity and many nationalities, including Americans, love the game. It was a well-known fact that the first US president was a cricket lover. The former president had once played with others during the Revolution. This also encouraged others in different fields to participate in the game. Entrepreneurs like Sohil Merchant, teachers, artists, doctors, lawyers, and so on play the game.

Cricket can be seen as a game that involves bats, balls, gloves, and the players. It is a popular game in American, Asian, and South African countries. Two teams play this game on a field. A pitch is placed in the middle of the field along with wickets at the edges. It can be called a sport that brings out the citizens’ patriotism and enthusiasm. This is why Sohil Merchant never misses a US cricket match. Young entrepreneur Sohil Merchant is a sports lover who loves to play and watch cricket.

How to play?

A fielding team will have one player who bowls the ball from where he’s standing to the direction of the wicket, then bowls the ball to the opposite end. He has to do it six times to be considered over. The other team will have a player on the opposite side of the field. This player will bat the ball that the bowler from the rival team has bowled. He then proceeds to hit the bowled ball to score a run. He can achieve this if the ball was not properly bowled to him and the ball touched the pitch’s boundary. Another way is if he as a batter switches his place with another batter at the field’s ends. The other team’s job is to block the batter from scoring a run. A team can be dismissed if they are bowled, or if the fielding team catches the bowled ball mid-bowl. Or when they hit the bowl ahead of the batter crossing the boundary in front of the wickets. The two teams change their position when ten batting players are removed.

USA Cricket

Back in the 18th century, the US cricket team was part of the first-ever international cricket competition. Their opponent was the Canadian cricket team, and they played together in America. Thousands of people came to watch the game, while many bet millions on who will win the game.

British players were also present at the international competition. The initial rules for this competition were different from the rules of today’s cricket competitions.

The US team lost for a while but came back stronger in 2017. Since then, they have been waxing stronger in their determination to win.

USA 2022 Team

This year, the country has announced that its national team of men players will participate in another competition. To prepare for this, the United States cricket selection committee has started selections for the men’s playing team. Players from different places have been chosen to be part of those that will train for the competition. This was announced on the US cricket website and major news outlets. More than 22 players were chosen based on their playing skills in last year’s matches. This means that the country’s team is preparing to train its team ahead of the upcoming international matches. The chosen players will train hard and represent the USA in international cricket games.

Moreover, the selection committee has noted people’s concerns over last year’s team. Many Americans are doubting if they’ll be allowed to play or not. The committee has stated that there would be chances for last year’s team to participate in this year’s selection. The council wants to increase the number of participating players.

The reason for choosing the players now is to improve the team’s capabilities. This is because this year’s international competition will have intense matches. Players from other countries will also try to win the matches, hence the US needs to get ready. Several home matches will occur in the US before outside matches in foreign countries begin. The committee along with the team’s coach will assess which player is right for the team based on many criteria. Among them is how the player behaves, how fit he is, how he plays, his skills, and so on.

In a congratulatory message sent to last year’s team, the team’s chairman commended their efforts and dedication. He applauded their skills and how they played seriously with the opposite team. He also said that the newly chosen team will constantly be reviewed according to a set of requirements. Furthermore, he encouraged those who are not chosen to not give up because they’d still be reviewed. If there is an improvement in their skills and abilities, they’d be allowed to join the team. If there’s no improvement, they may not join the team.


It’s not only the men’s team that has been selected. The women’s team has started choosing its players. The selection committee will announce the names of the successful candidates soon.

Sohil Merchant also congratulates those who made it to the team. He further congratulates those who didn’t make it for trying to participate. To him, their willingness to participate shows the love the players have for their country.

Sohil Merchant

Sohil Merchant is a smart young entrepreneur and sports enthusiast who loves watching and playing cricket. A wonderful family man, he values his family so much and truly cares about his loved ones.