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Vowels and Consonant Blends
By JESSICA ADISON 1,075 views

How to Utilize Vowels and Consonant Blends with Ease

Vowels and consonant blends are crucial for early learning education where children learn the blends of letters to form a word. This skill has been used across multiple syllable types in single-syllable and multisyllabic words which makes it important for kids to learn different blends easily. Educational tools have encouraged kids to an accessible and convenient way of blending letters on the go.  However, not all kids understand the concepts of vowels and consonant blends and children take time to get used to pronouncing the phrases right.

Since utilizing the blends of vowels and consonants saves time on relying on worksheets, the apps provide an easy and quick way to allow kids to learn and pronounce the words correctly.  These two educational applications will provide a simple approach for your youngster to pick up the consonant and vowel clusters with ease if they have trouble pronouncing the combination of vowels and letters. These two applications will aid your kids in engaging with and making use of the initial blends necessary for proficient phrase pronunciation.

Words Train

Words Train App

Words Train, also known as Spelling Train App, is an accessible and interactive app for building consonant blends by making different letters to form a word. This app is ideal for those kids that want to build basic vocabulary and spelling for effective blended learning. This motivates children in building new letters and phrases on the go.  The Words Train app has standout graphics, engaging animation, and sound effects to keep your child busy and engage in effective blended learning.

This will give your kids a straightforward approach to quickly learning the consonant and vowel blends in a fun way to keep in mind and memorize. The app provides ease of learning by providing each word with the image plus the sound to allow the child to get the hint when making the spelling. This helps your child with how the word is pronounced and the sound it makes. The app has three different levels that are easy, medium, and difficult. This helps your child to start by building with three-letter words and work the way up to seven-letter phrases to learn new vocab with ease.

The word app has rules and regulations in which the child attempts one level, he or she gives a star and benefits with coins for each level. The level is upgraded once the child achieves all of the stars. This reward system helps to achieve your child’s motivation and encourages him or her to learn new blended words. By using this software quickly, you may avoid using laborious workbooks and doing the same thing repeatedly. The app is ideal for 3 to 6 years of age.

CVC 3 Letter Words

CVC 3 Letter Words

3 Letter Words CVC (Consonant Vowels Consonant) is an engaging app that comprises a mixture of vowels and consonants that train your child with phonics and reading with ease. This app has interactive content that makes your child learn the blends of vowels and consonants. Not only does the app allow your child to learn the basics of forming vowels and consonant blends but also improves vocabulary in the future.

The blended word app consists of 14 categories with 84 essential phrases to drag and match the letter combinations to form a word. This helps to remember and create three-letter words with a corresponding image for capturing greater attention. Each word has standout pictures for engaging children to learn what the word looks like and how it sounds.  The app has an interactive animation that helps to increase the enjoyment of learning three-letter phrases.

The attractive interface makes it easy to use and access the app without the hassle of figuring out how to drag and match the letter to form the word. It is less difficult to do the assignment successfully thanks to the simple directions. The consonant words app provides a progress tracking function to show how far your child has achieved. Once the word is complete, the star is given and the word is grayed out. \

This function provides by excelling more words for your child to learn more phrases on the go. The CVC blended learning app has studio-quality voiceover to aid your child in pronouncing the words fluently and correctly improving reading and writing skills. This promotes an accurate way of learning phonics and helps your child in achieving to remember the blended vowels and consonants. The has short exercises to erase boredom during use and is suitable for kindergarten level.

Wrap Up

The use of vowels and consonant blends helps kids in building the confidence of learning letters to form a word. This crucial skill in early education promotes children in learning the blend of vowels and consonants and pronouncing them right. The educational apps benefit kids with an accessible way of learning phrases and letters with ease. Children may learn it while they are on the run thanks to interactive features.

jessica adison

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