Fire Resistant Paint

When a building catches fire, then every second is important and extra seconds can mean death or life and can decide whether a building is savable or a total loss. This is the reason that both residential and commercial owners are inclining towards the passive fire protection items such as Fire Resistant Paint Spray in India, which are ravishing the market across the world.

There are several options available, when you are dealing with fire resistance items and fire resistance spray is one of the best among them. These are designed only for covering the fabric materials that are more susceptible to catch up the fire. Therefore looking for Fire Resistant Paint Spray can be a great protective measure.

Why Fire Resistant Paint Spray Is Preferred

You might want to know what are the benefits involved with fire-resistant paint before investing money. Here are some key benefits.

• These days, people are not only dying by catching on fire but are choked from the dangerous smoke too. Additionally, the smokes from the fire are tough for you to handle as well as can cause some serious health problems, particularly for the asthma patients.

Therefore, a proper preventive measure can help in preventing these issues from taking place. The spray will not only prevent from spreading the fire but can reduce some smoke generation as well.

• Another key reason that paint spray is a great choice is as it is only a thin film coating that lets you maintain the genuine look of the substrate materials which is inviting on wood and decorative building components. The process of fireproofing for steel involves adding a primer and later an intumescent base coat. In addition to this, a decorative and protective topcoat is applied at the end so you can boost the looks of ordinary steel. This fire resistant spray is inert at normal temperature and expands at the time of the fire and a chemical reaction takes place that provides an insulating foam which protects the steel.

Fire Resistant Paint works and testing of the material is important and the product has to be both ICC-ES and QAI listings.

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