Tips to Find Wedding Jewellery that Match with Your Bridal Trousseau

Your wedding dress is undoubtedly going to be the star of your D-day. However, your choice of wedding Jewellery can either make or break your wedding look. Your shopping for wedding Jewellery starts right from buying your engagement ring. That being said, a few considerations before buying your treasures can help you make a near-perfect choice. Let us get started with some basic fashion rules, instead of merely following the trend.

Your Jewellery Set And The Trousseau

Most brides start shopping for Jewellery only after buying the dress. However, for foolproof buying, you can try the opposite way. Your wedding jewellery is going to be a heavy investment. Hence, it makes sense to pay for something that you can wear repeatedly. The bottom line is to get a traditional set, over a trendy one. Uncut, as well as cut diamonds, are the way to go if you can afford one. What about choosing a mix of white and yellow diamonds. You can even ‘punctuate’ the sets with a little bit of colorful, precious stones here and there. Think of adding Columbian emeralds, rubies, tanzanites and the like. For more visually appealing sets, you might want to look for rose-cut diamonds.

traditional necklace set

A Classic Pick That You Cannot Go Wrong With

If you are a traditionalist by heart, or simply want to tread on the traditional way on your wedding, then the classic jadau wedding Jewellery could be your answer. You are free to choose from the amazingly wide choices that the jewelers have to offer. From the heavily embellished Polki drops to the intricately designed Minakaris, as well as the relatively cheap costume kundans, the choice is endless. You can also choose from the new age versions of traditional jadau. Typically, they come with pearls or colorful semi-precious stones.

Kundan pearl necklace set

On Tapping Into the Princess in You

When it comes to choosing wedding Jewellery , the idea is to pick tasteful pieces that make you drop dead gorgeous. That being said, your wedding Jewellery sets come with just about anything that you could have asked for. It is likely to come with necklaces, bangles, and a pair of earrings, Nath or nose rings, maang tikka or matha patties. However, going overboard with them can also make you appear hopelessly gimmicky. So instead of picking up everything that the set contains, you can pick and choose what to wear. For example, if you have chosen a statement matha Patti, then you can coordinate it with a simple choker. It would help to balance the look. Again, picking a bold Nath for your D-day might mean that you have to go easy with the earrings.

bridal set

In-Sinking Your Looks

There is nothing like bracing your roots during your wedding. And while going traditional with your traditional look, it is important to sync your jewelries with your wedding attire. For example, if you are wearing silk or a Kanjeevaram on your Muhurtham marriage, then you choose from some exquisite temple Jewellery sets. Also, consider shopping for Pullakku nose rings, Van ki armbands, hair ornaments like Kadai and waist belts. Again, if in keeping with the trend, you choose pastel shade lehengas for your daytime wedding, then you can opt for a Navaratna bridal Jewellery sets. A simple Polki choker with emerald or ruby earrings can also be ahead, Turner.

pearl necklace

For White Weddings

Even the Christian brides of India have ample wedding Jewellery options to choose from. In this case, make sure that you lay special emphasis on the color of your gown. Remember that gold pieces of Jewellery go perfectly with ivory dresses only. If you are choosing a pure white gown, then sticking silver or platinum sets is a safe choice. A little bit of pearl is also a classic choice.

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