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Ariah Rastegar is the founder of Rastegar Equity Partners, a private equity commercial real estate investment firm.

For those who don’t know financing language, what is a hedge fund?

Ari rastegar |Investment Advisor
Technically speaking, a hedge fund is a limited partnership including investors who use high-risk investing tactics, such as investing with borrowed money, to get large gains for the group. The idea is to limit risk for each individual and share in potentially large profits from riskier investments, which usually return big gains. Hedge funds can take bigger or smaller risks with a pool of money from different investors, using all kinds of risk-management techniques.

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Ariah Rastegar
Ariah Rastegar was born and raised in Austin, Texas and started his professional career as a ground-up developer in Spring Branch, Texas, just north of San Antonio. He partnered with a local developer there and found success, which eventually led him to private equity commercial real estate. Today, he runs Rastegar Equity Partners in Dallas, Texas, a real estate investment firm.

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