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System Administrator
By HEMA MANRAL 937 views

What You Need to Know About System Administrator Jobs?

The system administrator is responsible for installation or configuration, operation and maintenance of hardware and software sections of systems. He or she is also involved in the technical research and development which enables continuous innovation. They also take the responsibility that every system i.e. operating system, software system follows organizational values. They also help in assisting teams to solve technical issues. They can work on various operating systems like Linux and windows operating system. And if you planning to make your career in IT sector then system administrator jobs is one of the best options you can choose from wide range of opportunities. With more and more advancements in science and technology latest advancements and modifications are being done which ultimately creates more job opportunities for graduates, especially for candidates with strong soft skills.

Roles of a system administrator in an IT company

  • Analysis of problems and logs, which is the primary responsibility of system administrator. They identify problems and solve the issues, if not solved on time then the problem may hinder the progress.
  • Introduces new technologies and constantly monitor available updates so that they can be installed when necessary.
  • They are meant to check systems on regular basis, as the computers can face issues at any point in time.
  • Backing up data is an important task, so as to secure all the records and data.
  • Installation of new software and hardware is an important task which a system administrator takes care of. They also handle updating of the systems as when required.
  • As the systems are used by a large number of users, so he or she also handles troubleshooting, setting and resetting of passwords i.e. help in maintenance and securing the privacy of the users.

Educational qualification and skills required to become a successful system administrator

Candidates must be holding a degree of B.Tech or M.Tech or BCA or MCA can work as a system administrator. And those candidates who are holding experience in IT sector are given preference. Apart from this, they must possess some additional skills to work as a system administrator in an organization.

Some of the challenging situations which you can face while you are doing system administrator jobs, for example, you will be spending your maximum hours on the system, so you will rarely get any free time in the beginning in the initial stages. But that doesn’t stop candidates from pursuing this as a career because the demands for them are continuously increasing.

The broader picture is you get results for your labor.  In short fruits of your labor are paid. Salary package is very good for system administrators in an IT company.

After learning about the details you must be thinking of how to get to the job? Your one-stop solution to land yourself in a system administrator jobs `is Monster India. You need to register to the website and then complete your profile by adding your skills, qualification and many more. This way you can get system administrator jobs and many more jobs for sure.

Hema Manral

Hema Manral is an eminent and professional writer, now she is imparting her experience and knowledge through informative blogs and articles.