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Write For Us

Guest blogging made easy! Write for us at All Perfect Stories and let your creativity shine. Share your expertise and connect with a like-minded community of writers. This is a special place where your skills and knowledge get the spotlight. Lots of people here are super excited to learn from you. It’s a cool chance to show you’re a big thinker, build your brand, and make friends with other folks who love visuals just as much as you do.

Why Write For Us?

  • Get Noticed: Your ideas will be seen by over 100,000 people each month, making you a go-to source in visual collaboration.
  • Boost Your Brand: Take advantage of APS’s social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to get your name out there.
  • Show Your Expertise: Share what you know with a community hungry for useful info and practical tips.
  • Connect with Others: Make meaningful relationships with fellow professionals and expand your network in the visual collaboration world.

To make sure your guest post stands out on the APS blog, check out these contributor guidelines and tips:

Create Engaging Content

  • Go In-depth: Provide detailed insights supported by data, making sure your piece goes beyond 800 to 1500 words and gives useful advice.
  • Be Original: Your article should be entirely new and not published anywhere else, making it special for our readers.
  • Show You’re Trustworthy: Support your ideas with links to reliable research and real-life examples to make your content more believable.
  • Tell Stories with Pictures: Add interesting images, diagrams, and data representations to help readers understand and stay interested.
  • Make it Easy to Read: Use headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to ensure your writing is clear and keeps people engaged.

Targeting the Right Audience

  • Specific Subjects: Make sure your content matches what our audience is interested in, like teamwork using visuals, managing projects, making diagrams, solving problems, coming up with ideas, showing data visually, creative thinking, and designing business processes.
  • Learn from What’s There: Take a look at other APS blog posts to see how they’re written – the way they’re set up, the words used, and the style. This helps your article fit in well with what’s already there.

The Rules to Follow

  • One Self-Serving Link: You can add a link that’s all about you or something helpful in your article, but just one, and put it in a smart place.
  • Quality Matters Most: While adding links to cool articles is good, don’t go overboard – keep it to 2 links max, so people stay focused on what you’re talking about.
  • Stay on Topic: Only link to things that connect with the APS blog and don’t lead people to unrelated websites.
  • Be Exclusive: Once your article is on APS, it’s just for APS – don’t share it anywhere else to keep it special for our audience.
  • Make it Pretty: Put some nice pictures in your article, but make sure they’re good quality and follow the size and copyright rules.
  • Show off with Diagrams: If you’re talking about technical stuff, use the awesome diagrams our community has made to make your content look even cooler.

Going Beyond the Guidelines: Creating a Winning Plan

  • Connect with Us: Follow us on social media and engage with our posts. Show that you’re genuinely interested in APS and what it stands for.
  • Valuable Content: Make content that matters to the people you want to reach. Solve their problems and give them useful tips they can use.
  • Be Yourself: Show who you are in what you write. Be confident and clear about what you know.
  • Listen to Advice: Be open to advice from our editing team. It helps make your article better and more interesting for our readers.

Follow these rules and take a proactive approach to boost your chances of getting your work published on the APS blog. We’re excited to see what you come up with and are ready to work with you to create content that inspires our audience and showcases your expertise worldwide.

Are you ready to start your guest blogging adventure and open the doors to success? Send us your article idea today! Remember to write for us in English.

Important Reminders for Guest Post Submissions

  • No Gambling, CBD, or Adult Content: We can’t accept posts or links related to casinos, gambling, CBD, or adult content. If your content revolves around these topics, it will be removed automatically without further explanation.
  • Avoid Naked URLs: Don’t just drop URLs without context in your article. Make sure they’re embedded naturally within your writing rather than standing alone.
  • Image Sources: If you use any images in your article, tell us where they’re from so we can properly credit them.
  • Link Placement: When including links, put them away from the beginning or end of your article. Place them strategically within the body of your text for better flow.
  • Plagiarism Check: Use 1text.com or Copyscape to generate a plagiarism report before submitting your article. Please send us a screenshot of the report along with your submission.
  • Submission Timeframe: We expect you to submit your article within 24 hours from the time we request it.
  • Payment Method: If you’re including a do-follow link, payment can be made through PayPal.

Make sure to follow these guidelines when submitting your articles. They’re essential for us to consider your work!

Calling all writers! Contribute your voice to All Perfect Stories. Discover the joy of guest blogging with us. Write for us and become a part of our growing family!