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Wedding Planning
By ANGELA JOHN 491 views

5 Smart Ways to Simplify Your Wedding Planning

Planning your grand or most awaited day can be so much fun in the beginning as you search for pretty inspiration and the best wedding dresses. However, it cannot be a deniable fact that this phase could turn out a little stressful, especially on top of your daily duties. A time will come when you find yourself overwhelmed, unable to make the simplest wedding decisions regarding your Atlanta wedding decor and feel really stressed out.

At such times, it is worth trying to reduce some of your strain wherever possible so you can enjoy the whole process of planning your wedding, right from start to finish. With that said, here are some smart tips to help simplify your wedding planning process.

1.     Ask for Some Professional Help

The most important part of the wedding planning process is making decisions. If you find yourself in a fix where you find it difficult to make even the smallest decisions, it means you need to ask for the help of professionals. You can always ask for the help of professionals or wedding planners such as Let’s Celebrate Events to help you out with little and major details. When you decide to ask for the help of wedding planners, rest assured that they could help you manage the event theme, catering services, the décor, table setting, seating arrangement and every little detail that will help to keep stress away from you. With an event planner around, you can easily make time for yourself, ask your friend out for a coffee, even go to a pre-wedding movie date night, or get some time to discuss the wedding with your sweetheart!

2.     Plan Your Expenditure

Wedding planning involves the proper planning of your expenditure. Sometimes, as the costs begin to build up, you may end up feeling overwhelmed. The simplest way to conquer this is to begin planning way before time and make sure that you save the amount of money required to ensure you can afford the type of wedding you desire. Another great way to ease out your stress of finances is to consult your parents before time to find out how much they are willing to add into your budget. Once you know how much you have in hand, you can spend your time on research to find a venue that you can afford and one where you imagine your wedding will take place.

3.     Prioritize Your Things, To-Do List

Once you have your location set, ensure that you make a list of the most important things well before crunch time, things such picking a caterer, hiring a wedding entertainers can take a few months before hand so you can focus on other things closer to the date of the wedding. When you do this, you can eliminate the risk leaving things to the last minute and prevent getting into stress close to the wedding date. It wouldn’t also hurt to have a good wedding planner in an easy to access place so you can plan exactly when you want to finish particular tasks close to the end.

4.     Be Decisive

Often, the biggest trap that gets brides by the hook is over thinking every tiny decision. For example, selecting pink peonies, which are beautiful flowers but you think will they appear beautiful thirty years from now when you go through your wedding album? Did your close friends also use pink peonies? Do they have any sort of symbolism? Usually, these common questions may distract you from making the simple decision of whether or not you want pink peonies in your wedding bouquet. Sure, some brides love to have a ton of information on every detail and some do not. If you feel overwhelmed, you need to stop. Avoid putting pressure on yourself, the event, and your future spouse. You need to focus, it is just a party to celebrate that the two of you are now together. So, be smart, focused, and think about what you like, make the final decision and move onto the next task.

5.     Plan Out Your Guest List

An integral part of the wedding planning phase is to prepare a guest list before you hand out the invitations. It is vital to remember that the number of guests you invite will have an influence on your wedding budget, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to limit the number of guests you decide to invite. For example, inviting close family and friends is a better option that inviting all your acquaintances and people you hardly ever meet over the years. This will not only result in extensive planning but it will also increase your wedding budget. To make sure that you invite just a few numbers of guests, it is best that you plan. A notable rule of thumb is to spread your guest list so you can assign half your number of guests from the groom and bride’s side.

Let your guests have a great time on your wedding by hiring experienced wedding planners. It will save you from stress, and save you a lot of time in the planning phase of your grand wedding in Atlanta!

Angela John

Angela John is working as a Content Strategist. She is a Beauty Blogger, health Blogger and public speaker. Her goal is to educate people about various health conditions, beauty, wedding events and the top tips and tricks. She is a passionate writer with the vision to guide people about latest trends in these categories.

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