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Can Strong Ankles and Intense Sports Co-Exist?
By JOE MAILLET 1,231 views

Can Strong Ankles and Intense Sports Co-Exist?

In the United States, over 23,000 people require medical treatment for ankle sprains each day, a figure that represents 1 in every 10,000 people, says research published on Medscape. Interestingly, not everyone who experiences such a sprain is an athlete. Often children and adults experience mild grade pain, which might be overlooked as normal sports related side effects. However, they could be as serious as a fracture. In fact, if you notice symptoms like redness, warmth, or instability, chances are, the ankles has been sprained.

Besides medication, ankle braces and foot braces can adjust to changes in the level of inflammation and provide the right stabilization through a contoured support shell, according to experts at Aidfull. These braces are particularly effective for chronic ankle pain and moderate distortions. Adjustable hook and loop closures can further help loosen and tighten the brace, as required. Besides these, foot compression sleeves & feet support, let us look at a few other effective ways to strengthen your ankles so that you can continue to participate in your favorite physical activity.

Flexibility Enhancement Exercises

Exercises such as plantar flexion, eversion, and inversion can help improve the elasticity of tendons and ligaments. Even while participating in intense sports, you will be at a lower risk of sprains and strain with this. These flexibility exercises help the muscles become more flexible so that they can be extended to their farthest without tearing. The motion range improves, making your ankle less prone to injuries. However, it is recommended to wear an ankle support brace while exercising, for complete protection.

Regular Check-Ups

If you play contact sports like wrestling, football, or boxing, ensure regular medical checkups. This can help detect problems like minor tears, which do not show initial symptoms but might get inflamed and turn painful later. Cooperate with the health professionals for screenings and treatment, to protect your ankles against the major consequences of sprains and strain. They might suggest an ankle brace for a sprained ankle, which offers great pain relief.

The Right Footwear

Besides using tendonitis ankle braces, it is important to invest in lightweight, padded shoes. Also, look for footwear that offers mid-rise ankle support and arch support.  This will give you the right stability, comfort and shock absorption, even while running at an elevation, hiking or climbing mountains. Shoes with low rise tops are known to provide the best ankle support and accommodate a wide range of motion. In fact, they could be one of the best investments, besides ankle support braces, to prevent ankle-related injuries.

Hot and Cold Compress

Football & basketball ankle braces can offer just the right support for normal gait activity. Additionally, apply ice for injuries that might have occurred in the last 48 hours. These are acute and can cause swelling and pain. If you have sore joints and muscles, apply heat. Moist warm compress and a dry, warm compress can relieve sore muscles and muscle tissue pain by delivering heat to your skin, according to an article on Healthline.

No injury can keep a true sportsperson from their favorite game. However, when treated on time, sprains, strain and tears can heal quickly.

Joe Maillet

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