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Facelift Surgery
Facelift Surgery
By ANGELA JOHN 1,614 views

Are You Well-Prepared For Your Facelift Surgery Recovery?

When it comes to face lift surgery, you should know there is more to planning for the procedure than picking the right date on the calendar, especially when you are hoping for a successful and smooth recovery. In fact, the to-do list in your surgery day preparations could be a long one, so don’t let it stress you out!  Although planning could help you to relax later in time, exactly when you need it the most, for the best surgical results, you will need to heal at your very best.

Here are a few steps you could follow when planning for your post operation recovery.

Stay Healthy and Safe During and After the Surgery

Know that your personal lifestyle and health habits play a major role in how well you can tolerate the facelift surgery in Atlanta. If you are able to stay mentally ready for the surgery, this will help you to recover smoothly. To ensure you have a good health and prepare well for the surgery, you need to check these items off your to-do list.

Skin Care: The results of your facelift surgery will only look their best when your skin is in a healthy condition. However, after the operation, avoid using skin care products unless your surgeon gives you the permission.

Quit Smoking: Nicotine in cigarettes can affect the rate of blood flow in the body, leading to healing delays and potential complications from the surgery. This is why; most surgeons at Crispin Plastic Surgery recommend that patients stop smoking before and after the procedure unless advised otherwise.

Discuss Your Medications: Before you decide to go under the knife, it is important that you discuss your current medications, supplements, vitamins, and herbal therapies with your plastic surgeon. Temporarily, you may need to stop taking some of the medications until the procedure ends.

Drink Lots of Water: An essential part of post recovery is to drink plenty of water, and stay hydrated. A fully hydrated skin ensures quick recovery from the facelift.

Eat Healthy Food: To ensure your inner health remains good to carry the surgery after effects, you need to exercise and eat healthy food regularly. This is an important part of the whole process as proper and nutritious foods help to ensure you remain healthy.

Understand the Post Facelift Surgery Recovery

Before your facelift surgery begins, you need to have a full understanding of what exactly you should expect when the surgery. Make sure that you do not skip this important step. Read or ask your surgeon about the side effects that could occur. How you will feel, or how you can help your nerves to relax. You can also consult experts at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons regarding all your questions or worries about the facelift surgery. After the facelift surgery, you will experience a feeling of tightness, bruising, and swelling along with numbness and tingling too. Knowing this before time can ensure you remain calm and not panic after the surgery.

To alleviate some of the side effects, you need to follow the facial surgeon’s guidelines. As directed by the expert, you will also have to take your pain medications and have the right supplies on hands such as clean bandages, and cold compresses. Staying right on track with these instructions can help you to remain relaxed and focused while your body heals.

Being all set for surgery can help you to recover better so it is important that you consider some important things to ensure your good health and prepare well for the surgery.

Keep Everything Ready Before the Surgery

Upon your return from the facelift surgery, the last thing you would want to do is run some errands. To avoid errands later, before your surgery take some time out and prepare for the things you will need afterward. You can make a list of all the things you must do before, including dry cleaning, grocery shopping, arranging for your pet care and more. Beforehand, make a list of all the things you will need including medical supplies, bottled water, easy to cook snacks, and so on. All these should come under your pre-surgical meetings, so you need to keep yourself well covered with these before your surgical meetings.

Rely on Your Friends and Family

Right from the moment your surgery ends, you will need to have a helping hand at all times. Right after the surgery, you will need someone to drive you home, so you need to have a trusted friend or family member present during the surgery to take you home safely afterward. If you live alone, you can ask a close friend to stay nearby during the first 48 or 2 hours, just in case you need their help. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for some care if you need it later.

You need to know that the best result of facelift surgery recovery is only possible if you have the procedure done through an expert. Make sure that you carry out a thorough research and choose one that has enough years of experience.

Angela John

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