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Is it possible that anyone could deny that engineering and the innovation that are being made till date not plays any role in their life? Obviously, this does not matter how far away you live in the jungle or most undeveloped area of the world.

According to Alex Abossein engineering in itself has the very vast scope and future aspect thus one can fulfill all kinds of technical, mechanical, electrical, robotics and many more reforms. That could completely change the manner to tackle and deal different things, objects and other resources that are present around us. But, when it is concerned with the major innovation that has helped people to think and change according to the resources and with this Alex Abossein has turned to provide the futuristic algorithm to transform the ancient techniques and methods.

Alex Abossein

Whether it’s related to power energy to a building or society or some electronic efforts for security. In every case, Alex has tried to give the dramatic reforms that could change the face of the entire piece of work that is assigned to them. With Alex, this attitude towards business and service that is provided to the clients help him to maintain goodwill with almost every aspect of engineering field construction. Here are some of the field and his latest technologies that have brought greatest productivity to his reforms.

Fire protection/ Smoke Control

Results and researchers have proved that maximum cases of death in a fire is due to choking that is mainly by the smoke. Therefore life safety has been improved in building by introducing various features such as passive and non-passive system, smoke evacuation, smoke compartment and venting many other.

Civil Engineering

According to Alex Abossein, the best kind of civil engineering is that which promotes community building, wise development, and the best possible quality of life. As clients can rely on us to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions to their civil engineering problems, therefore, it’s become our foremost priority.

Low Voltage/ Energy

Whenever it’s related to the construction of building, organization or restaurants there is the requirement of energy sources and that too in different level and intensity. Therefore, various perspective that is kept in mind such as energy efficiency and a low voltage maintenance to assure security, and assurance of various features provided by contractors.

Bidder Design Assistance

When the engineering services are anticipated to be a part of the contractor’s scope of work and responsibilities. Alex Abossein tries to offer coordination with the owner, architect and other consultants in building design. Advising best M/E/P/F system and provide guidelines for the equal standard to all bidders.

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Alex Abossein
Alex Abossein
Alex Abossein M.P.E., F.P.E., E.P.E. & LEED-AP is the founder and driving force behind Abossein Engineering. He holds professional engineering licenses in three disciplines: mechanical, fire protection, and electrical. He is also an accredited green building LEED professional and energy code examiner

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