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Dental Bridges
By JOE MAILLET 6,995 views

The Top Benefits of Dental Bridges and How to Take Care of Them

Tooth loss due to an injury, medical condition, or natural causes can be a devastating experience. This is because a missing tooth goes more beyond a simple cosmetic or aesthetic issue; it can also lead to chewing difficulties, discomfort in the jaw and other problems brought about by the change in your bite.

To avoid any of these issues, you need to find the ideal tooth replacement solution immediately. By doing so, you will have a complete, functional set of teeth without any difficulties biting or chewing once again. So don’t hesitate to make your teeth feel good the oral surgeon in FL.

Additionally, by replacing the missing tooth straight away, you prevent your other teeth from moving toward the open space, which will lead to bigger gaps and even jaw deterioration.

More importantly, with the right cosmetic dental treatment, you will have a healthy, gorgeous smile again.

Dental Bridges as Teeth Replacement Options

To have a complete, healthy, and beautiful smile once again, consider getting a dental bridge.

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is held securely in place by implants, crowns, or the surrounding teeth.

Well-designed dental bridges are carefully placed to ensure functionality and comfort. Each side of the bridge is attached to a natural tooth, crown, or implant in the mouth. An artificial tooth or pontic is then placed to fill in the space between.

This dental cosmetic solution offers several remarkable benefits which include the following:

1.     Restores teeth functionality

Restores teeth functionality

If you lose a tooth, you may experience difficulty and discomfort while eating. You may also feel some pain caused by the surrounding teeth shifting toward the open space.

Since eating should be a joyful, pleasurable experience and not an uncomfortable one, be sure to get your missing tooth replaced as soon as possible. A dental bridge is one of the best options you can consider.

2.     Prevents teeth from shifting unnecessarily

Prevents teeth

Whether you lose one or more teeth, you will notice your remaining ones begin to tilt toward the gap or open space. A tooth that moves too much can become loose. This can also lead to further tooth loss.

A dental bridge will prevent unnecessary teeth movement and preserve the original, healthy placement of your pearly whites.

3.     Maintains the natural shape of your face

natural shape of your face

 Your jawline deteriorates when you lose a tooth. This is because tooth roots stimulate the bone cells in your jawbone. The absence of this stimulation causes the jawbone starts to weaken.

Aside from further tooth loss, serious jawbone deterioration can lead to facial collapse, which, in turn, will affect the shape of your face.

By getting dental bridges with implants, you will be sure your jawbone will be continuously supported and stimulated.

4.     Fixes your smile

Fixes your smile

Dental bridges feel and function like natural teeth. As such, aside from getting the full functionality of your pearly whites again, this dental cosmetic solution will enable you to have a beautiful smile once more.

It is also worth adding here that when fitted properly, a bridge will stay securely in place. It is durable as well. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about your artificial tooth moving, or getting damaged and affecting your smile.

Dental Bridge Care and Maintenance Tips

In general, a dental bridge can last for ten years. You can prolong its functionality and appearance by taking care of it properly.

Below are useful tips for taking care of your dental bridges:

1.     Brush your teeth twice a day

Brush your teeth

Whether you have professionally made and fitted dental crowns or bridges, you need to continue practicing good oral hygiene habits.

This means brushing at least twice daily. When doing so, pay special attention to the bridge and the natural teeth surrounding it (if any). Additionally, always use a medium, soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste with fluoride.

2.     Floss once daily

Floss once daily

Brushing alone won’t remove all food debris from your teeth. To get rid of these substances that can cause plaque and tartar, you need to floss at least once a day.

When flossing, make sure you get in between the spaces between the prosthetic and your natural teeth – areas where food debris can easily stick and hide in.

3.     Avoid hard foods

Avoid hard foods

Once you have dental bridges, you need to stop eating hard foods. This means you have to avoid chewing on or biting hard candies and objects such as jawbreakers, ice, and pencils if you have these unhealthy habits.

This is because although dental bridges are durable and look like natural teeth, they are not as strong as the real thing. In case you bite into something too hard accidentally or intentionally, the prosthetic will likely crack or damage your bridge.

4.     Stay away from or reduce your intake of sweets

intake of sweets

When you eat sweets, the bacteria in your mouth will feed on the leftover sugar. These bacteria will then create acids that attack and damage the tooth enamel.


To keep your anchor teeth and your other natural pearly whites healthy and strong, avoid or minimize your consumption of sugary products.

Once your dental bridges have been fitted, make sure you see your dentist as scheduled. Your specialist will need to examine your prosthetic and the rest of your mouth regularly to be certain that your teeth are in perfect health.

Joe Maillet

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