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co op games
By AMANDA MILLS 539 views

7 Best Co-op Games on Steam

In this guide, I bring you the 7 best co-op games on Steam, a combination of both online and local co-op, which you can start playing with your friends right now. Or maybe you simply want to relive those childhood experiences once again by playing these couch games.

There is a very clear distinction between an online and a local cooperative. Online co-op games let you play together with other people virtually from anywhere on the globe. Using multiple controllers on the same device is known as local co-op games. This also applies to games with split screens.

Having said that, a unique feature on Steam named “Remote Play Together” offers a whole different experience for playing co-op games. You may play and even broadcast music, video, and voice with your buddies over the internet by utilizing this.

You could play split-screen and local co-op games online with your friends by using Remote Play Together. Only one player needs to own the game, which is what makes this a great feature. Before heading to the list, if you don’t already have a Steam account, it is much better to buy Steam accounts with all your favourite games already in the library than to create a new account and buy all the Steam games. It is way cheaper to buy an account from U7BUY, so do check it out.

Sons of The Forest

Sons of the Forest co op games

A sequel to the original “The Forest,” developed by Endnight Games Ltd. This co-op game was released on Feb 22 in 2024. Your goal in this game is to locate a billionaire who went missing on an island that is filled with cannibals.

Will you be able to survive on this isolated island, though? is the question at hand. A lot of players from the old Forest game have tried out his sequel, and they love it. The game also has a lot of new players joining every month. Overall, this is absolutely a great game. If you’re a fan of the survival games, this is the game that I’d recommend you try out.



This is a co-op game you would enjoy playing with friends. It was developed by Kinetic Games and released on September 18, 2020, and is my choice of co-op game in the horror game. This game gained immense popularity right after its release.

Wherever I go, I see streamers playing this game, especially on YouTube and Twitch. It is safe to say that the streamers are the ones who made the game a hit. In this game, you must investigate haunted places that are filled with paranormal activity.

Once you have finished investigating and collected enough evidence, you have to give it to the ghost elimination crew. I didn’t find any forced jump scares in this game but trust me, this is a really scary game to play with your friends. Let’s move on from the terrifying games and look at a few relaxing games.

Portal 2

Portal 2 co op games

A game that is directly coming from Valve Corp. On April 19, 2011, the sequel to Portal was released. This game is available for split-screen or internet play. It’s a little trickier to get it to work as a local cooperative, but Reddit has a ton of useful advice.

To advance through the stages of this two-player co-op game, players must work together and conquer obstacles. This game has great physics and catchy music, making it an enjoyable game to play.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 co op games

One more sequel game from my favourites, Overcooked 2. Developed and published by GhostTown-Games and Team17. The objective of this game is rather simple: in this game, you’re a chef, and you must prepare and serve various recipes before the timer runs out.

Do not worry; there are instructions on how to prepare the food. But why would I put this co-op game on this list?

It’s the levels! Imagine cooking in a moving kitchen that’s on a truck or a raft, or how about a kitchen on a ship that is constantly catching fire? You must face all these obstacles and finish your tasks.

GTA Online

GTA Online co op games

You will have endless fun racing, doing jobs, completing heists, etc. with your friends on GTA Online. This online co-op feature is what single-handedly makes GTA V the best version of the franchise. If you don’t mind modding your game, you can also play the story mode cooperatively with your friends.

Yeah, I get it, you probably finished the game already, but don’t you think it’s worth playing this classic once more now that you could play it co-op with your friends?

Payday 2

Payday 2

On August 13, 2013, the action-packed online co-op game Payday 2 was released. Another fantastic follow-up that pays tribute to the franchise beautifully. You and your friends must carry out a variety of heists in this game, including warhead thefts and bank robberies.

You will get a lot more options to customize your characters and weapons as you keep progressing into the game.

The game also features a lot of types of weapons and modifications, you will never be bored of playing this game. Even though Payday 2 is eleven years old, at least forty thousand users play it concurrently on Steam each month.

Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 co op games

Finally, how can I end our list without mentioning the biggest co-op game of 2024, Helldivers 2? This game is released on February 8, 2024. An amazing game that came a long way, it is a sequel to the 9-year-old Helldivers game. It is currently among the top 3 games on Steam.

It is one of the games that you cannot describe in words, you must definitely try out this game to know how much fun it is, especially goofing around with your friends and eliminating all those different types of aliens and creatures.

I hope you find a game to play and have fun with your friends!

Amanda Mills

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