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Adventurous Travelers
By NINA SIMONS 2,345 views

Best Destinations in Asia for Adventurous Travelers

Asia attracts all sorts of travelers, from those who want to enjoy its beautiful beaches to foodies searching for new tastes. After all, this is the largest continent on Earth and as such offers amazing landscapes and cultures to experience. Full of lakes, rivers, mountains, and oceans, this is the place where you will find all sorts of adventures like eating bugs, diving with sharks or kitesurfing.

However, being that this continent has a lot of ground to cover, here are the best destinations in Asia for adventurous travelers. Among those, you will certainly find one or more places to include in your travel plans.    

Vietnam adventure travel asia

Canyoning in Vietnam is far from ordinary and you will find yourself cliff jumping and rafting one of its rivers with great delight. This is a day-long activity which will take you through jungles, falling down the waterfalls and abseiling some large rocks. You can also camp in nature if you are not afraid of snakes, spiders, and sounds of wild animals at night.

Another big adventure here is trekking to Hang Son Doong which is the largest cave in the world situated in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. This is a young tour which started in 2013 and will only take a limited number of people so you have to book it in advance. But you will get to spend two nights inside the cave, explore its chambers which have their own climate with underground rivers and jungle.

  • Indonesia, Asia


Indonesia is a country made from approximately 8,000 islands with volcanoes, pearly beaches, and lush rainforests. This is one of the best destinations in Asia to surf since it has the most amazing waves, especially in Bali, Canggu, and Padang-Padang. Since the waves are pretty extreme, surfing here is mostly for intermediate and expert surfers so have that in mind before you choose a spot.

On the other hand, if you want to see the jungle and its surrounding landscapes, then quad biking is a perfect adventure. The roads will take you by the rice paddies and plantations, as well as villages where you can buy some of the locally grown produces.

  • Sri Lanka, Asia

Sri Lanka travel

For all mountain bikers, it’s important to not only have a challenging terrain but also the one that challenges your senses. Sri Lanka is one of those places that has rough landscapes perfect to mountain bike, but also you will see some interesting sights along the way. Going over mountainous terrains and plantations will show you the tea farms and rubber trees a primary source of natural rubber.

Kitesurfing is probably not an activity you expected in Sri Lanka, but it’s actually quite popular here especially on the West coast. The winds are very strong with Kalpitiya as the windiest place in Asia and two ideal seasons for kitesurfing: summer and winter. The winds reach 15-28 knots here during those periods with summer being the more reliable season for this extreme sport.  

  • China, Asia

china asia

It would be a shame to plan a trip to Asia and miss one of the greatest attraction of the continent the Great Wall of China. The wall is over 3,500 miles long and runs across valleys and mountains through China making it a challenging adventure. The trekking lasts for days and you will have to go over thousands of steps along the way.

However, the Great Wall trekking is divided into sections ranging from short to long, although the difficulty here is tide to elevation and not the length. So, you can hike the short ones like 6,5 miles-long Jinshanling to Simatai or  7,4 miles-long Huanghuacheng Wall. The longer ones like 22 miles of Hexi Village to Gubeikou and Panlong will take you two days with camping in a guard tower.

  • India, Asia


Although famous for yoga, India also offers a variety of other activities that will help you meet this wonderful and rich country. Camel trekking is one of the popular ways to see the landscapes here and experience the life of a nomad for a few days.

If you are more into something faster than rafting the Ganges is definitely something to place on your travel bucket list. While the Ganges is pretty polluted in the city, in the Himalayas this river is clear and pristine with serious rapids. Make sure you are ready for this adventure since the river runs wild and you will have to face some challenging obstacles and stay on the raft regardlessly.  

  • Laos, Asia

laos travel Asia

Kayaking in Laos both exhilarating and peaceful thanks to the serene landscapes of this Asian country. One of the most famous kayaking spots here is the Nam Song River which is surrounded with limestone formations and greenery. However, if you are more into an adventure of taste, try one of the 50 edible insects available in the cuisine which are a common part of the diet here.

But if you are for an adventure of the usual variety, try off-road motorbiking which can last for one or several days. The roads will take you through the countryside, along the Thailand and Myanmar borders, as well as along the Mekong River and rice fields.  

  • Mongolia, Asia


No matter if you rode a horse before, if you didn’t do it in Mongolia then it’s as though you didn’t feel the true joy of it. Furthermore, riding a horse through the places where Genghis Khan road and living as a nomad will teach you more about the rich Mongolian history and traditions. However, Mongolia has something even more adventurous to offer to its visitors.

Here, you will find the Gobi Desert, one of the most barren places in the world and part of the legendary Silk Road. This is the place where you will see a herd of rare camels, truly feel the spaciousness of space and experience the complete silence of urban dwellings.

  • Japan, Asia

Japan Asia

It may come as a surprise, but Japan is one of the best destinations to go on a winter holiday. The perfect snow here attracts skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. Many companies like Liquid Snow Tours offer a variety of packages that will help you conquer all the snowy challenges here, from Furano to Niseko.

Also, when here, try another type of adventure as well. Namely, hot springs or onsen are not only part of the Japanese tradition but also present a unique experience. Located on the mountain slopes, you can dip in the hot water outside in the freezing cold and enjoy the riveting view of the snowy peaks.  

  • Thailand, Asia

Thailand asia

While for many Thailand is a place to go and relax from everyday stress, this country is also one of a few destinations to swim with whale sharks. The most popular spot to watch these slow-moving creatures is off the coast of Koh Tao island where you can also explore caves and simply enjoy diving.

However, if you are looking for something land-based, try adventure biking which will take you off-road riding some challenging trails. This is also a great way to see dense rainforests, villages and take a dip beneath one of the many waterfalls you will pass by. Skydiving is another way to boost your adrenalin and see gorgeous landscapes with drop zones near Bangkok and Pattaya.

All in all

Without a doubt, adventurous travelers will easily find the perfect way to conquer new challenges in one of these best destinations in Asia. After all, being the largest continent does make the offer for tourists diverse and exciting that there is something special for everyone.

Nina Simons

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