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biotin hair growth side effects
By NATALIE BELL 1,631 views

Before Trying Biotin to Fight Hair Issue Read these Biotin Hair Growth Side Effects!

With the never seen before rave about biotin, we bring on the list of probable side effects of biotin hair growth.

Biotin is Vitamin B7 from the family of Vitamin B. It is also known as Vitamin H. Biotin is vital for a healthy body. It is required primarily for healthy skin, nails, and hair. It is seen as the main ingredient in many hair growth supplements. However, there is a paucity of clinical trials to establish the efficacy of biotin for hair growth. But it has been proven that it helps with issues like hair loss, loss of lustre and reduction in the volume of hair. So people try OTC (over the counter) biotin supplements in want of better hair.

Being a water-soluble vitamin, it does not get stored in the body. Any excess of biotin is flushed out of the body. Hence, there are meagre chances of it having any serious side effects. There are no evidence to prove any serious side effects of biotin. However, it has shown some allergic reactions in rare cases. Allergic reactions of biotin may cause any one or more of the following symptoms.

1) HIVES: Biotin may cause hives in some people. These may be accompanied by itching and heat.

2) RASHES: Rashes may sometimes be seen as an allergic reaction to biotin. These are seen as red areas on the skin. These red areas might get itchy and in extreme circumstances, rashes become infected. Such a condition should not be overlooked. Immediate medical attention is a must.

3) HEAT: It is a feeling of uncomfortable hotness in the whole or some parts of the body. Heat is felt predominantly on face. Face feels excessively hot. This feeling of hotness on the face is known as flushing. In some people, intake of biotin causes heat and flushing.

4) ACNE: You may spoil your face in want of having good and voluminous hair. Biotin can cause acne breakouts or it may worsen the already existing acne. So, if you recently got on biotin and your acne got worse, biotin may be the culprit. Biotin, which is vitamin B7 and vitamin B5 are absorbed by the same receptors in the body. An excess of biotin (Vitamin B7) interferes with the absorption of vitamin B5, thus causing a relative deficiency of vitamin B5 in the body. Evidences are insufficient to prove that biotin improves your hair but there are enough evidence to validate the relationship of vitamin B5 deficiency and acne flares.

5) UPSET STOMACH: Biotin can upset your stomach. This is the most common response of the body to an overdose of any vitamin. You may have to visit loo more frequently as excess biotin intake has been associated with diarrhea. It can also cause cramping in the stomach and nausea.

6) HIGH LEVELS OF BLOOD SUGAR: Excess of biotin slows down the release of insulin in the body thereby increasing the risk of high blood sugar level. So, people with diabetes and high blood pressure must not take vitamin B7 without consulting a physician.

7) ALTERED LAB RESULTS: High level of biotin in the body may interfere with lab results. This often leads to improper diagnosis. So it always better to tell your doctor beforehand if you are on biotin (or any other supplement/medication).

8) INTERACTION WITH MEDICINES: This applies not only to biotin; rather is applicable to all supplements and medicines. Biotin has been found to have some unfavorable interactions with medicines of the thyroid, blood pressure, and kidneys. This may prove to be very dangerous. If you are already on any kind of medication, it is advisable to discuss with your physician before you go on biotin.


Having known the potential side effects of biotin, one should not hesitate to try it. Its side effects disappear as soon as its use is discontinued. Moreover, no serious side effects of biotin overdose have been reported. Though there is insufficient evidence to prove that biotin assists in hair growth; yet positive results in people with poor hair quality cannot be overlooked. Biotin definitely makes your hair better by imparting volume and lustre. Hair deterioration caused due to deficiency of Vitamin B can certainly be reversed by taking biotin supplements. Lastly, a word of caution, if you are on any kind of medication, consult your doctor before giving it a try.

Natalie Bell

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