With ample stretches of open and enclosed waters, boating has become one of the most popular activities in Canada. 

Online venues for party boat rental Toronto has opened the doors for non-boat owners to enjoy the boating culture and water experience. 

However, just like traveling in the waters is a bit different from on the roads. Therefore, the local and the national laws have enforced certain regulations for a safe boating experience. 

In addition to that, it is recommended to take personal safety measures and ensure you’ve specific safety equipment onboard when you charter a yacht in Toronto

In this article, we’ll discuss the safety equipment required to be present on a boat, whether you rent or own a boat. But before we explain that, let us walk you through how boat rental venues work and what benefits you get to enjoy. 

What Type Of Boats Can You Rent Through Online Venues?

Your options are limitless. If you love to enjoy a fishing expedition followed by a barbeque, go for fishing charter Toronto. If you love an enthralling water experience, jet skis and kayaks are available to satiate your adrenaline rush.

Houseboats, private luxury yachts, bowriders, motorboats, sailboats, paddleboats, etc. You can choose a boat that fits your budget and water experience requirements. 

You can even sign up for boating lessons. 

How Do You Rent A Boat Through Online Rental Venues? 

With online venues party boat rental Toronto opening up, renting a boat has never been this easy. All you require to do is follow a few easy steps from the comfort of your home and get your ride booked. 

  • Browse through the versatile listings posted by various boat owners on the online venues. You can use the filter option for refining your search.
  • Once you’ve shortlisted your watercraft, you can send an inquiry to the respective boat owner(s). To do so, you’ll need to create an account on the rental venues and log in using your credentials. 
  • The owner will respond to your inquiry, and you both can finalize the deal if it suits your requirement. With the in-built messaging system, you can discuss anything and everything you want to know about the boat with the owner.  
  • Once the boat owner confirms your request, you can proceed to pay the entire amount through a secured payment gateway. 
  • After your payment is successful, you and the boat owner will receive a confirmation mail outlining all the key pointers of your booking. 
  • And that’s it! Get your friends and family and gear up for your boating experience.

The renowned online venues also have certain user-friendly cancellation and rescheduling policies. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly while booking your ride. 

What Are The Benefits Of Renting A Boat?

  • Owning a luxury yacht involves higher investments– when you charter a yacht in Toronto you only pay by the hour or for the time you’re using it. Luxury yachts generally come with a hefty price tag.
  • The value of your boat will depreciate over time– just like cars and other automobiles, the value of your boat depreciates. Even when you plan on reselling the boat, you won’t get back the entire amount you had invested initially. With the renting option, you get to enjoy every penny spent on the rental. 
  • No maintenance cost– one of the most vital benefits of renting a boat is you don’t have to think about any cleaning and maintenance. You can just enjoy the moment. 
  • Choose a different boat every time– don’t get stuck with a single model. Enjoy variety. From luxury yachts to simple houseboats- you can experience it all. If you’re a newbie in the boating world, you get ample knowledge about various boats and get yourself educated about the boat culture. 

Now that you know what, how, and why of renting a boat, let’s discuss the safety equipment that is a must when you charter a yacht in Toronto.  

What Safety Equipment is Required on a Boat?

Lifejackets and Personal Wearable Flotation Devices

Canadian-approved life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFD) are necessary for each person on board when you charter a yacht in Toronto. Additionally, the life jacket must be of appropriate size. If you’re traveling with kids and pets, ensure to have a lifejacket of specific sizes. 

A life jacket must be worn all the time when you or anyone else is indulging in water activities like wake surfing, water skiing, jet ski adventures, etc. 

Kids under 12 are advised to wear lifejackets throughout the water journey. In case of an emergency circumstance, ensure all your group members immediately put on the life jackets.

Life Buoy or Throwable Personal Flotation Devices 

Also known as a life ring, this throwable personal flotation device helps rescue anyone who has fallen overboard. 

The lifebuoy should be in good condition and have a sticker emblazoned which indicates its approval by Transport Canada. 

The lifebuoy must be attached with a heavy floating line of at least 15 m in length.

Hand pump Or Bailer 

This device is required for removing water from inside a boat. The Bailer should be constructed with either metal or plastic, having a minimum volume of 750 ml. It should also have an opening of a minimum of 65 cm2 in area.

Signaling Devices 

  • Sound Signalling Device– Mostly required when you’re traveling anywhere with reduced visibility, especially on a foggy or rainy day. It can also be used by a boat operator for signaling the boat’s position. An electronic horn, pealess whistles, or compressed gas horn can suffice as a whistle. 
  • Light Signalling Device– Again, a must for reduced visibility conditions. Watertight flashlights, smoke guns, 3 Canadian-approved flares (type A, B, or C flares), navigation lights, etc., as per Govt. regulations.  

Fire Safety

  • 5BC and 10BC (for pleasure crafts) fire extinguishers. 
  • Axe and 10L+ buckets (quantity is specific for specific vessels-might not be always applicable for non-motor small kayak and fishing charter Toronto

Other Vessel Safety Equipment

  • Anchor or manual propelling device or anchor having a minimum of 15 meters of rope, cable, or chain.
  • A buoyant heaving line (15 meters in length).
  • A watercraft license 

Personal Equipment

  • First Aid Supplies
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Personal medicines

Ensure these safety equipment are included when you book your ride through an online venue for party boat rental in Toronto. Stay safe and have ultimate fun!

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