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Nikit Shingari
By NIKIT SHINGARI 3,026 views

Best Online Brokerage Accounts and Trading Platforms

Investing and trading has become easy thanks to the internet and technology. Even a novice in trading and investing can now learn how to trade and invest online on the internet, says Nikit Shingari. As much as you may want to trade, invest or buy stock it cannot be done with your bank account which is where brokers come in. You need an online broker and a trading platform if you want to trade, invest or buy shares in companies. 

Brokerage account 

It is a financial account which operates like a bank account where you can deposit funds from your bank for investment and trading using the brokerage platform. With the fund in your account, you can buy securities as well as cryptocurrency. With your online brokerage account, it is easy to see the assets you bought and your remaining balance in cash. You can use the profit from your investment or trade to place another trade or transfer it to your bank account for other use.   

As a beginner in investing it can be overwhelming to choose the best broker online as there are various online brokers to choose from online. Different brokers and trading platforms offer different features, tools and services that could help investors and traders. You need to consider the type of investor you are and the kind of features you need to help you decide which online broker is best for you. Listed below are the 2022 best online trading platforms to into consideration based on your need.

TD Ameritrade

It is considered to be one of the best brokerage accounts that offer excellent tools, no account minimum, and in-depth research making it a great choice for both beginner and professional investors. As a novice in investing or trading you can access all the valuable content on this brokerage based on what you need or want to learn. You can trade stocks, options, bonds and futures through which you can also trade cryptocurrency. For stock and ETF trades TD Ameritrade do not charge commissions but a token of $0.65 is charged per contract for trading options. Another good thing about TD Ameritrade is their user-friendly platform both for mobile and web where users can easily access their account details. 

Charles Schwab

This brokerage firm offers excellent customer service and support to their clients, great trading tools and learning content for every investor all of which are without any commission. The fee per contract on options trade is $0.65 while that of ETF and stock is zero commission. Charles Schwab is considered to be one of the best brokerage accounts for ETF investors as it makes the ETF investment process simple with its comprehensive educational contents. Investors can buy a small fraction of stock on their platform which makes it easy and affordable for everyone and there is no minimum account deposit.

Fidelity Investment

As a beginner in investment Fidelity offers an easy to use platform, excellent customer support and low commissions, it can also be used by professionals. Best known for its reputation for offering top-notch research and tools for investors planning retirement. It is the best platform for investors that don’t require cryptocurrency, futures or trade a large number of options. The only problem is that it is not available for those residing outside the United States of America and high broker-assisted trade fee. Overall Fidelity is a good platform for investors that want to educate themselves and learn more about investment and trading with their great tools. It is also one of the cheapest stock brokers for investors with the best execution quality and transparent pricing disclosure.

Interactive Brokers

It has been the favorite brokerage account for both active traders and professional investors due to the lowest commissions and margin rates it provides. It also provides good trade execution and a powerful trading platform to its users. With the improvement that was made over the years, it has become attractive to new investors. The other strength of this broker is the access given to its users to global markets, allowing you to trade in more than 100 markets and about 33 countries. This broker provides both lite and pro services. There are no charges fees for the lite service but the pro, you have to pay $1 per trade for a maximum of 200 shares and shares after that will cost lesser. Interactive Brokers may have to work on their platform to make it more user-friendly as it can be complex for some people and to improve their client portal.    


You should know that the financial market has endless possibilities so, it is possible to lose your money in a brokerage account when you invest in the wrong assets. This is why beginners are always advised to try demo accounts to help them become conversant with the various trading platforms. It is best to always learn about investing and trading to become a better trader or investor says Nikit Shingari. Brokerage accounts and trading platforms are available to help both investors and traders have access to various opportunities in the financial market. When choosing you should consider what you want and the features you need on the platforms.       

Nikit Shingari

Nikit Shingari is from New York . He is passionate about Investing, Day Trading, Swing Trading and also loves Coding, Python and other languages.