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Roman Dawidowicz

Tips for Business Development Techniques

Thousands of people dream of owning a business until they begin to understand the level of commitment it will take them to run a successful one. A lot opt out of the race while others press on. Business development carries your business beyond where your physical hands cannot reach. But mind you, it is also intensive which means it requires all of your attention and effort.

Roman Dawidowicz wants to remind you that time is everything in business. As a professional business owner, you should understand that you need to plan to handle business development and other business-related things properly. It can come off as a difficult task but yet, you can’t escape it. There are only 24 hours in a day, meaning you don’t have the extended hours you wish you had, but your time has to be well managed.

How then can you shuffle your business development and other major events of your life? Below are some professional tips provided by Roman Dawidowicz  on how to make use of business techniques that can make you survive and thrive in the highly competitive business world:

Know your business and market

It’s not enough for you to just establish a business. You must create an understanding of what it is all about, the market, and how your successful competitors run the market. Knowing things about your business like your goals, your audience, the age group you serve, the quality of your products, geographical factors, and many other factors. Study your market. The duration of your product or service consumption and what your market looks like in the area of demand. The aim is to know how to manage your production.


As an experienced businessman, having been in the market for over 12 years, Roman Dawidowicz says that “knowing and studying your competitors is key”. Many people misunderstand this point of studying their competitors. It’s not to copy their designs, products, or services but to know how best you can serve your audience in a more improved manner. Evaluate their offers and work out a unique product or service that makes you stand out. This is a vital business development tool in your hands. You might as well get to work and make a difference.

Don’t rush- make most of your time

A lot of business owners have missed out on useful methods and profound development strategies because they are in a hurry to make it to the top. You should know that the marketplace is large therefore there are thousands of business owners offering the same product or service as you. How can you boost your business on track and still maintain standards? Learning to take your development tools one step at a time will work just fine.


Have you heard of digital marketing or cloud storage or e-commerce? All these are technical development tools you can use to raise your business to the next level. Roman Dawidowicz is one business expert who has witnessed how technology can transform your business and put you out there.

Get more knowledge

It is good to read more even after successfully establishing your business. Do not stop reading to broaden your knowledge about business. There are lots of books from successful businessmen and women, there are business development seminars, workshops, etc. Get engaged to learn one or two practical steps.


It is good to study more and attend seminars but what you don’t want to do is not put into action all that you are learning. Make it a professional habit to pass on the knowledge to your employees so that together, the goal of the organization can be reached.

Roman Dawidowicz

Roman Zenon Dawidowicz is an Intermediate Mandarin speaker with Taiwanese qualifications and over 12 years of experience in the grain and oilseeds physical markets in a global origin/destination.