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Grow at Home Garden - caroline plouff
By CAROLINE PLOUFF 2,386 views

Best Cut Flowers to Grow at Home Garden

Nature gives you feeling of freshness and it keeps you alive. Modern lifestyle has set us apart from the nature. However human cannot survive without the nature’s love. We love to be embraced by the nature that’s why we still enjoy holidays on a Hill station, walking on beach. We also love to have a small or big home garden to quench our thirst of being in company of nature. Plants and trees help to reduce our stress and anxiety. Many of us love gardening and love to plants trees and plants at home garden. Someone has rightly said that if you have a home to live then you are lucky but if you have a small garden in it then your blessed enough to live a healthy, long life.

Caroline Plouff

Cut Flowers decorate your home’s every corner be it yours living room, dining table, bedroom and kitchen. It gives different look to your garden, without them home atmosphere seems dull and lazy. To energize your home environment cut flowers plays an important role. It gives fresh look to your surroundings and lifts your mood to perform daily house chores efficiently. Instead of buying flowers from flower shop at high cost, you easily plant in your home to get year’s supply of cut flowers.

For your fresh cut flowers needs, you can grow below plants in your home garden.

Marigolds: Marigold comes in many different varieties like yellow, orange and red colours. It comes in combination of the three colours also. If there are enough rain water in the soil then it bear flowers 40 days from sowing.

Morning Glory: Morning Glory comes in magnificent colours such as red, blue, pink and lavender. It easily grows very large up to 6 feet tall. It flourishes in any kind of soil rich in organic materials.

Zinnias: Zinnias need good organic soil to grow and produce beautiful flowers. You can get flowers whole year as it is water loving plant but do not over water it. Zinnia loves rain water and moist soil all times to maintain flowering abilities.

Sunflowers: Sunflower has black colour circle in the middle and yellow orange colour and is favourite of all gardeners.  Flowers typically grow large and their seeds are a source of edible oil. It is a good snack when roasted.

Plume Celosia: This plant looks more attractive both fresh and dried. Says Calorine Plouff an agriculture manager at Bettendorf’s, specialized in cut flowers. Arrangement of celosias plants should be dramatic vertical accent.

Cosmos: It loves to tolerate hot and humid weather condition during its entire life. It produces flowers eight week from seeding.

Caroline Plouff is a agriculture manger who operates her own market garden, also  specialized in cut flowers.

Caroline Plouff

Caroline Plouff is agriculture manager at Bettendorf's and her background in agriculture helps keep the project's training programs cutting-edge. Caroline Plouff operates her own market garden, specializing in cut flowers, fruit, herbs, and unique vegetable varieties.She is fully dedicated towards her work. She is also an agricultural business planning course instructor for the Department of Agricultural Resources Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham.