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Coronavirus travel advises

Coronavirus Travel advises everyone Should Know

Flights are being canceled. Travels are delayed. Numerous bans on travel to some destinations have taken effect. Travelers are being welcomed with long hours queue in a bid to get coronavirus screening carried out. The pandemic of the novel coronavirus sure comes with a lot of baggage- traveling concern included. Is it safe to travel at this period, how can one stay safe when there is an urgent requirement to travel? Which destinations are more at risk? Can flight be delayed or canceled after booking?

Is my travel trips eligible for travel insurance protection?

These and many more are questions wavering on the mind of travelers after this virus has hit the roof across the globe. Here is Shedir Pharma, a renowned pharmaceutical company that organizes trips and conferences globally to explain some travel tips you need to know during this coronavirus outbreak.

Is it safe to travel during this period?

To play safe, different companies and the CDC have come with the warning list to avoid all travels that aren’t important to certain destinations. This includes countries such as China where it all started, Italy, South Korea, Iran and most of the European countries.

Seniors with medical conditions are also advised to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel to any global destination as they are at higher risk. To avoid the unnecessary spread of the virus, steps to be taken include avoiding crowded places or contact with sick people and this entails traveling. Instead of going on that trip, you might want to consider hitting a pause button on countries that are being tagged as unsafe till things returned to normal.

Can I cancel my travel plans after the trip has already been booked?

Travel related companies and industries are relaxing their policies and incentivizing travelers to reduce their worries and fears. From airplanes to hotels to cruise lines, most of these companies are introducing fee waivers on cancellation.

To know if you can cancel your travel plans, it all depends on if your flight or hotel bookings are refundable. Check with your provider to know the details and if your bookings include cancellation waivers. It is important to know that there is no guarantee of getting all the costs involved in any trip cancellation. However, those who opted for Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) policy can still get some protection on trips cancellation.

How safe is it to travel on planes?

Don’t be surprised. The air on the plane can even be safer than the ones in your communities. This is because the air gets recirculated and cleaned using HEPA filters. Moreover, the airlines and cruise are stepping up their cleaning game by ensuring passengers are safe and protected as much as possible. From thorough cleaning of frequently touched surface such as bathroom door handles,  seats, overhead air vents, to air cleaning, the risk of virus spread on planes are low.

However, that is not to say you cannot put some sanitizer on tissue and wipe down your seatbelt, tray tables, and other places you are likely to touch. Remember that the virus is not really airborne, practicing good hygiene and etiquette is the trick to staying safe while on planes.

Can travel insurance policies cover the situation?

Do you have the urgent need to return from a trip early because of the outbreak? Or you are considering the cancelation of a trip after booking? Well, the standard insurance policy does not cover any of these situations except if you are on Cancel for Any Reason policy.

Ensure you go for insurance service providers that are honest and of good reputation that will give you ample information as much as possible. Although stories such as fatture gonfiate Shedir pharma or fatture false Shedir pharma are not always necessarily true as some are made up based on incorrect assessment and mistakes that are quite costly to a company’s reputation. Thanks to the precautionary measures taken by the company, Shedir pharma to revoke the statements.

The bottom line is, check with a reputable insurance company, and opt for any of the CFAR policies to ensure you are protected when the need for urgent trip cancellation surfaces.

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