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Home Selling

6 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

Planning to sell your home? Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. From cracking a perfect deal to handing over keys, there is a lot to consider and prepare for Home Selling.

Apart from that, Home Selling is a lengthy and stressful process that can wreak havoc on your physical and mental well-being. Moreover, if you are new to the Home Selling process, you are likely to make mistakes that can cost you a fortune. Don’t let that happen.

This blog by DAC Developments highlights a list of mistakes one should avoid when selling their house.

1. Overpricing

You will be surprised to know that 70% of real agents believe that overpricing the house is the no. 1 mistake most sellers make.
Of course, you want to have a fair deal for your house. However, Home Selling at an unreasonable price can be dangerous. Overpriced properties remain unsold in the market until there is a drop in their prices. Moreover, pricing your house too high can
○ Turn off potential buyers
○ Break a great deal
○ Result in missed sales
○ Lead to financial losses
○ Disturb your overall health

To avoid all the negative consequences, it is recommended to price your house correctly while considering the current market rates. Setting a realistic price is key to Home Selling in the shortest time possible without losing your mind. Moreover, this will help you connect to multiple buyers and get the home’s actual market value.

2. Listing a Damaged Property

According to DAC Developments, this is one of the most common mistakes people make when Home Selling. The saying,” The first impression is the last impression” fits well here. Flaking paint or leaking roof can disappoint potential buyers. Of course, no one would be interested in buying fixer-uppers.
So, before you list your property for sale, make sure to fix anything that is broken or worn out. This includes
● Repair leaking pipes, taps, and roof
● Paint the wall
● Fix the broken windows, wardrobes, and doors
● Repair faulty wires or other electrical problems
● Mend plumbing issues
Even a minor repair can boost the value of your house and increase the odds of a quick sale for Home Selling.

3. Not Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Most home sellers avoid hiring a real estate agent just to save some money. However, this is a big mistake. It requires adequate market knowledge and vast experience to sell the property at a fair deal. Although real estate agents demand a good commission, they are experienced and can help you set a fair Home Selling price for your home.
Apart from that, a professional and learned real estate agent can help you
● Connect and interact with the potential buyers
● Smooth the Home Selling process from start to finish
● Avoid the tire kickers who seem to be interested in your property but never make a buying decision
● Crack the best house deal and get more money
● Deal with all paperwork and pitfalls involved in the real estate process

4. Choosing Winter Season For House Sale

Winters in Chicago keep on changing. Sometimes it is too low that you can feel like it’s colder than Siberia, which makes it more appealing for people to stay at home.
Furthermore, winter is also a holiday and festive season. Due to this most people are busy with social gatherings and events. Therefore, it is a slow time of year for Home Selling. There is always a perfect time to sell your home and winter is surely not a year for home sales.

5. Getting Emotional

This is very obvious. It is easy for you to get emotionally attached to the place where you have invested your time and money. Furthermore, it can be hard to say bye to a house where you have spent a decent time, celebrated birthdays, and shared bursts of laughter with your family and friends. It is difficult to control your emotions when it comes to saying goodbye to your house. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. When planning to do Home Selling, consider yourself as a businessperson rather than a homeowner. By looking at the financial benefit of selling the property, you will be able to keep your emotions at bay and sell your house at a higher price.

6. Avoiding Listing Quality Photos

In the hustle and bustle of life, people hardly get time for themselves. Do you think they have time to visit every single property to make a buying decision? The answer is no.
In this digital world, buyers search for houses online. So, it is better to list your property online and upload some high-quality visuals of your home. Make sure to click and upload some good and eye-catching photos that can catch the interest of potential buyers and provide them with an introductory walk-through of your property for Home Selling.

Let’s Wrap Up

Above all, it may be tempting to quickly list your house for sale for a big chunk of money. However, your house is one of the most worthy investments you will ever sell. Doing anything in haste can result in costly mistakes down the road.
Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned home seller, avoiding Home Selling mistakes can make the process hassle-free and smooth. Apart from that, high chance that you might also be looking for a new residential space while selling your old property. If yes, get in touch with a team of DAC Developments to buy the house of your dreams at the best prices in Chicago.

DAC Developments

DAC Developments is a Chicago-based real estate development company with a focus on multifamily residential and mixed-use ground up developments.