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5 Tips to enhance workplace for employees and grow better in business
By GAURAVKANABAR 1,182 views

Employees Curiosity: Know Which Ways to Consider to Get the Worth for your Business!

Supporting and valuing curiosity totally two different things, many of the businesses find it much harder to maintain curiosity in their employees. It acts as an effective fuel for the employees, which can result in an increase in productivity for the business. Curiosity plays a crucial role when it comes to creative thinking. This creative thinking can be proven to be beneficial for the employees as they can solve all their problems efficiently and can improve their productivity at the workplace.

Recent Harvard Business Review revealed that when businesses encourage curiosity at all levels that they can shift their business on the path of success and can save it from all the economic crises.

The survey was conducted on 3,000 employees who belong to different firms all over the world to find how curious they are about their work at their workplace, but shockingly it was found that only 24% of employees feel curiosity while working at their workplace rest 70% of the employees face several hurdles at their work. Enhancing employee’s curiosity can lead to improving their ability, providing greater flexibility, and increasing their productivity, which can be beneficial for your organization in several terms. (Source)

Productive Ways to Consider for Sparking Your Employees Curiosity

A recent Harvard Business Review study by German-based Merck KGaA and Todd Kashdan, George Mason University psychology professor, found that 65% of businesses and employees feel that curiosity is essential when it comes to discovering new ideas while the same % responded that they are unable to ask questions at their workplace. In the same report, more than 84% of businesses responded that they would encourage curiosity in their employees, while 60% stated that due to lack of curiosity, their employees encountered several barriers at their workspace.

Most of the time, employees get into many tasks and find that they are being pulled in different directions. They get less time to enjoy their life due to uncertain planning and end number of the task, as a result, they feel frustrated with their daily tasks and complete it compulsorily, which results in poor productivity and the worst work from their side. Hence businesses need to find various ways to encourage their employee’s security for their work in a natural way. By doing so, they can gain effective employees for their businesses who will work dedicatedly for the firm to take it to the next level of success.

Plan Daily Work 

Most of the successful business giants plan their day to day work to accomplish it on time. They have a notebook habit that helps them complete all the projects within the deadline assigned to them. And following their success path, many of the businesses have started an online calendar these days, with the help of an online calendar they can easily manage their employee’s time and can assign them a to-do list which can surely result in improving their curiosity. They can prioritize their to-do list tasks and complete all of them as per their property until they leave the workplace.

Follow the Digital Trail

As an entrepreneur, it’s your duty to look after how your employees work. You must adopt a new method to track their progress, you can opt for software developed by music streaming app development company to track all the records of your employees and can teach them how to use it for increasing their productivity. This advanced solution can be used by the employees to maintain their progress reports, which will ultimately enhance their curiosity to work in a better manner and will definitely help them to improve their progress reports.

Emphasize Learning Goals

Employee’s curiosity gets narrow when they are under pressure; hence businesses must immediately take the needed action when they feel like their employees are losing their curiosity. They can encourage them to learn something new as it can prove to be the best option at the movement when your employees feel frustrated. In one of her research, Gina concluded that providing many options and perspectives to the employees can prove to be beneficial for the organization. Businesses who work-around learning goals for their employees can easily motivate them and reach new heights in their business field.

Here is How Businesses Can Transfer Their Employee’s Minds in the Learning Direction 

  • Reward your employees when they learn and implement the same for the betterment of your company.
  • Welcome their ideas to make your employees feel special.
  • Implement their ideas if it seems beneficial for your organization.

Enhance Employees’ Curiosity to Expand Your Business World!

There is no doubt that enhancing an employee’s curiosity is a fundamental part of every business. No matter whether you are a giant or small entrepreneur or a business giant like Uber, what matters for business success is how curious your employees are towards their work.

There is a rapid change in technology, and if the businesses don’t realize that they need a rapid pace of change in their workplace, then they will surely be left behind in the race. This means instilling curiosity in all the departments at your workplace, by doing so, you can ensure long term success for your business in this competitive business world.


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