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Evan Rutchik
By EVAN RUTCHIK 273 views

Evan Rutchik – Know More About The Adtech Guru

Nobody would have thought of the pace at which businesses are growing years ago. From the ease of contacting clients to providing exceptional services, businesses have come a long way. But how did all of it become possible?

Well, it is all backed up by leaders and visionaries who planned to take their business to heights unimaginable by the commoners. One such incredible force who believed in innovation and wanted to create something extraordinary was Evan Rutchik.

As an advertising technology expert, he succeeded in reaching goals that many others needed to accomplish. In this blog, we will learn more about his journey and the fruits of his hard work, Local Factor, and RI Ventures. Let’s begin.

Who exactly is Evan Rutchik?

Evan Rutchik is a leader in ad tech, combining technical know-how with creative advertising to develop solutions for businesses. He’s an expert in programmatic advertising and uses emerging channels to reach target audiences. Rutchik is also a thought leader who shares his knowledge to help others succeed in the tech world.

He focuses on creating value for advertisers and consumers through data-driven targeting and engaging content. As ad tech continues to evolve, Evan Rutchik remains a major player in shaping the industry’s future.

Evan Adtech Journey

Let’s take a sneak peek into the professional journey of Evan Rutchik

  • Evan Rutchik’s journey in ad tech began with a genuine passion for technology and digital marketing.
  • He conducted extensive research into the rapidly evolving ad tech landscape, analyzing trends and consumer behaviors.
  • Recognizing deficiencies in brand-audience engagement online, Rutchik identified an opportunity for innovative marketing approaches.
  • Evan Rutchik aimed to revolutionize consumer engagement by leveraging technology and strategic marketing tactics.
  • His vision centered on enhancing brand visibility and fostering meaningful connections with digital audiences.
  • Throughout his early years in ad tech, Rutchik consistently pursued excellence and pushed the boundaries of the industry.
  • His innovative mindset and profound understanding of technology and consumer behavior positioned him as a trailblazer in ad tech.

How does Evan help In The Growth Of Business?

So, how does Evan Rutchik help businesses grow?

  • Strategic Vision: Rutchik’s approach is characterized by a visionary outlook that extends beyond immediate tactics. Understanding the dynamic ad tech industry, he crafts comprehensive strategies aligned with businesses’ goals. By diving into each client’s unique needs, Rutchik formulates tailored plans that foster sustainable growth and long-term success in the ad tech landscape.
  • Innovative Solutions: Renowned for his pioneering spirit, Rutchik continually pushes the boundaries of digital marketing within ad tech. With a proactive stance and a finger on the industry’s pulse, he explores emerging technologies and trends to empower businesses. Whether utilizing AI-driven chatbots or leveraging influencer marketing, Evan Rutchik New York ensures clients maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving ad tech arena.
  • Data-Driven Insights: In the data-centric era, Rutchik emphasizes analytics’ paramount importance in ad-tech strategy. He uses advanced tools to extract actionable insights into consumer behavior and campaign performance. By harnessing data-driven insights, Rutchik enables informed decision-making and optimized strategies, maximizing every marketing investment’s impact.
  • Integrated Approach: Rutchik advocates for cohesion across ad tech channels, fostering a unified brand experience. From programmatic advertising to social media engagement, he integrates diverse touchpoints to enhance brand visibility and drive meaningful interactions, ultimately boosting conversions and revenue.
  • Continuous Optimization: In the dynamic ad tech landscape, Rutchik prioritizes ongoing refinement. Through constant monitoring and adaptation, he ensures strategies evolve with real-time feedback, driving sustained growth and success amidst digital complexities.

Business Ventures Evan Is Associated With:

Here are a few organizations that Evan Rutchik New York is associated with:

  • Local Factor

Evan Rutchik spearheaded a transformative journey at Local Factor by implementing a strategic vision that aligned the company’s digital marketing efforts with its overarching goals. Leveraging advanced adtech technologies, he crafted innovative advertising campaigns tailored to Local Factor’s target audience, driving enhanced brand visibility. Rutchik’s commitment to data-driven insights ensured that marketing strategies were continuously optimized for maximum ROI and customer engagement.

  • RIII Ventures

At Riii Ventures, Evan Rutchik created a paradigm shift by fostering an integrated approach to advertising technology, seamlessly merging various ad tech channels and tactics. His implementation of cutting-edge ad tech solutions, including programmatic advertising and AI-driven targeting, bolstered RI Ventures’ competitive edge. Rutchik’s strategic insights and leadership were pivotal in propelling RI Ventures to new heights, positioning the company as a leader in the ad tech market.


In summary, Evan Rutchik’s journey in ad tech showcases his innovative strategies and visionary leadership. From his early days in the industry to his Local Factor and RIII Ventures roles, Rutchik has consistently driven business growth through advanced ad tech solutions and data-driven insights. His integrated approach and continuous optimization have helped businesses enhance brand visibility and achieve sustained success in the dynamic ad tech landscape. As Evan Rutchik continues to shape the industry’s future, his impact remains profound and enduring.

Evan has been responsible for scaling the company’s US sales and business effort from the New York City. Here he has overseen record growth as well as established Ogury’s reputation in North America, opening offices in 10 major US cities. Evan resides on the board of the IAB Mobile Center of Excellence. He often moderates and speaks on panels across the world as an expert thought leader in mobile marketing, first-party data and consumer privacy. Evan holds dual degrees in Management and Advertising from Syracuse University and an MBA from NYU Stern.

Evan Rutchik

Advertising innovator Evan Rutchik has founded LocalFactor, a multi-platform advertising company dedicated to helping businesses reach localized audiences effectively and simply across all media channels.