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fake birkenstocks vs real
By LISA SMITH 552 views

12 Simple Steps for Checking Fake Birkenstock vs Real Sandals

Are your Birkenstock sandals the real deal or just convincing impostors? Whether you’re a seasoned Birkenstock enthusiast or a newbie to this comfy footwear, it’s essential to know how to spot the genuine article.

In this guide, we’ll break down 12 straightforward checks that anyone can do. No need to be a shoe detective—just follow these simple steps to ensure you’re rocking the real Birkenstock magic! Let’s dive in!


Birkenstock is a renowned German shoe manufacturer recognized for its wide range of sandals and other footwear.

The brand’s shoes are distinguished by their contoured cork footbeds, crafted from layers of suede and jute. This distinctive footbed design conforms to the wearer’s feet, delivering exceptional comfort and support.

Established in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock, the company initially set out to produce shoes that offered superior foot support in comparison to the prevalent flat-soled footwear during that era.

Since then, Birkenstocks have become popular worldwide for their distinctive design and comfort.

Benefits of Wearing Birkenstocks

Birkenstock sandals offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for those seeking comfort and foot health. Let’s explore these advantages:

  • Superior Comfort: Once broken in, Birkenstocks feel like you’re walking on air. The footbed is designed to support your feet, create stability, and allow your toes to spread out naturally.

The latex footbed, with its heel mould and arch support, minimises foot pain and discomfort.

  • Arch Support: Unlike flat-soled sandals, Birkenstocks have a clever footbed design with raised sections.

Interior and exterior longitudinal arch supports help contain your feet and provide excellent arch support. This prevents excessive pronation or supination, promoting stability.

  • Toe Space: Birkenstocks give your toes ample room to spread out on the cork footbed. This helps prevent issues like hammertoes and allows natural toe movement.
  • Zero Drop: The design of the footbed ensures that your heel and forefoot are aligned at an equal level, encouraging a more natural walking pattern.

This zero-drop feature reduces strain on your feet and encourages proper alignment.

  • Durable and Natural Materials: Birkenstocks are made from durable, natural materials like cork, suede, and jute. The moisture-regulating footbed keeps your feet comfortable and prevents excessive sweating.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: The design of the footbed promotes blood circulation, which helps improve foot health and comfort.

12 Easy Checks for Fake Birkenstocks Vs Real

The Footbed Texture Test

  • Real Birkenstocks: When you run your fingers over the footbed, you’ll notice a distinctive suede-like texture. It feels slightly rough, providing excellent grip and comfort. The footbed also moulds to your feet over time.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Counterfeit versions often have a smooth, plastic-like footbed. If it lacks that cosy, textured feel, be suspicious.

Buckle Quality Check

  • Real Birkenstocks: The buckles on authentic Birkenstocks are sturdy and well-made. They should open and close smoothly without any flimsiness.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Inspect the buckles. If they feel cheap, wobbly, or don’t function smoothly, they might be fakes.

Logo Examination

  • Real Birkenstocks: Look for the iconic Birkenstock logo imprinted on the footbed. It’s usually subtle but clear. Authentic pairs proudly display this mark.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Missing or poorly executed logos are red flags. If the logo looks off-center or faded, proceed with caution.

Weight Comparison

  • Real Birkenstocks: Authentic Birks are surprisingly lightweight despite their chunky appearance. Hold them in your hands—they shouldn’t feel heavy.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: If they weigh more than expected, they might be knockoffs. Authentic Birkenstocks prioritise comfort without unnecessary bulk.

Strap Hole Alignment

  • Real Birkenstocks: The holes on the straps should be evenly spaced and precisely aligned. This attention to detail is a hallmark of genuine Birks.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Crooked or irregularly spaced holes indicate a lack of quality control. Check those straps!

Stitching Quality

  • Real Birkenstocks: Inspect the stitching along the edges. Authentic pairs have clean, uniform stitching that holds up well.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Uneven or sloppy stitching suggests a counterfeit. Don’t settle for shoddy craftsmanship.

Sole Flexibility

  • Real Birkenstocks: Gently flex the sole. Authentic Birks have a flexible yet supportive sole that bends naturally with your foot movement.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Rigid soles are a giveaway. If they feel stiff, reconsider their authenticity.

Cork Smell Test

  • Real Birkenstocks: The cork footbed emits a natural, earthy scent. It’s a sign of genuine cork material.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: No smell? Be wary. Authentic Birks use real cork, which has a distinct fragrance.

Price Point Awareness

  • Real Birkenstocks: Remember the typical price range for authentic Birkenstocks. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Extremely low prices should raise suspicions. Quality comes at a cost.

Authorised Retailers

  • Real Birkenstocks: Purchase from authorised retailers or the official Birkenstock website. They guarantee authenticity.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Avoid shady online sellers or unverified sources. Stick to reputable channels.

Materials Matter

  • Real Birkenstocks: Authentic Birks use high-quality materials like natural cork, genuine leather, and suede. The cork footbed molds to your feet over time, providing unparalleled comfort.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Knockoffs often skimp on materials. You might find synthetic cork, cheap plastic, or faux leather. These won’t offer the same support or durability.

Craftsmanship and Detailing

  • Real Birkenstocks: Craftsmen meticulously assemble each pair. Look for precise stitching, well-finished edges, and attention to detail. Authentic Birks exude quality.
  • Fake Birkenstocks: Counterfeits lack that finesse. Crooked stitching, rough edges, or sloppy construction are telltale signs of fakes.

Bottom Line

In the eternal battle of Fake Birkenstocks vs Real knowledge is your armour. Armed with our twelve easy checks, you’ll confidently stride in authentic comfort. Choose wisely, and let your feet thank you!

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