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Networks and Servers

Computer hardware and software code have developed on a large scale. Communication between people and programs has also become important. Telecommunication technology is used to facilitate interactivity across great distances. The network and server support teams are also engaged by companies for troubleshooting. A combination of devices, architectures, and connectivity pathways has necessitated large scale services. Individuals, stores, and business houses rely heavily on computational devices. Internet and mobile communications have also become ubiquitous. Network and server support teams are always busy with regular repairs and servicing jobs.

The Basic Features of Network and Server Support System Are Listed Below –

  • A computer or data network is a collection of computers for information exchange.
  • Signals are transmitted across the medium using cables and wireless fidelity (Wi – Fi).
  • The significant hardware components are interface cards, ports, hubs, and routers.
  • The associated logical concepts are interfaces, protocols, and standards.
  • Popular area networks are LAN (local), WAN(wide), and MAN(metropolitan).
  • Office networks are known as intranets while internet assures global connectivity.

Server Support

Basic Networks

Internet has been the defining feature of the information technology revolution. It is actually a type of Wide Area Network or WAN. There are different types of networking systems that are currently in vogue. Modern network and server support experts refer to the following popular categories –

1. Personal Area Network (PAN)

PAN is a basic configuration that has one or two computers, wireless modem, phones, scanner, and printers. tablets, etc., A single operator can control this network sitting in the comfort of a personal office.

2. Local Area Network (LAN)

Office complexes and business enterprises opt for LAN as it is a very simple arrangement. A group of computers are connected using low voltage devices. They share data and resources and may use specialized software to become an intranet.

4. Campus Area Network (CAN)

Universities, large schools or small businesses rely on network support for academic and commercial use. They are larger than LANs but smaller than MANs.

Advanced Networking Types
  1. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) – Large sized towns and entire cities can be connected using the MANs. The network and server support and maintenance are performed by a single company. Local council or government authority may also extend crucial services.
  2. Wide Area Network (WAN) – LANS are connected together using routers to create the more complex WANs.  This network connects computers around the world. The services are provided by multiple players to encourage competitiveness, effectiveness, and fairness.
  3. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) – Wireless network technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used to connect the computers. There is no need for physical cables, and the systems can be accessed while on the move. Laptops and tablets are the favorite choices while accessing WLAN resources.
  4. High Performance Systems – Network and server support personnel can also maintain and repair these systems –
  • Hi-speed storage and system area networks with large servers and hi-end processors.
  • Optical fiber cables and signaling technology to facilitate more efficient LANs.
  • Enterprise and Virtual Private Networks that assure high security standards.
  • Private networking configurations that are unified, converged, or peer to peer.
Efficient Services

A server in the networked system can be either a hardware device or a software program. The network and server support experts carry out installation and maintenance services. They test and replace hardware components and change the cabling if necessary.

Finally, sometimes software problems can also be detected. Software problems are also detected and troubleshooting is effected immediately. They strive to establish smoothly functioning and secure networking facilities. Top performers deliver cost effective solutions in a short time to sustain business productivity.

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