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By DEEPAK 2,659 views

Improve Your Relationships- 4 Part Webinar Series

Are you struggling to attract the right partner for you? Do you keep picking the wrong person every time? Or are you struggling in your current relationship? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the webinar series for you!

Join relationship expert and coach Jonah Robins for a 4 part webinar series on improving your relationships. In this course, Jonah is going to teach you powerful tools that will help you to:

-Attract your ideal partner

-Move through your blocks to taking action

-Personalize a system for communication

– Identify what you truly want in a relationship

– Work through the stress of dating

-Stop attracting the same old types of relationships

-And so much more!

This webinar will be limited to 10 people and if you sign up before October 31st you will recieve a free 1 on 1 coaching session with Jonah.

Here is what one of Jonah’s past webinar attendees had to say about his course most recent webinar “Moving Beyond the Inner Critic”,

“Hello Jonah…. I want to personal thank you for the more than awesome unfolding of my inner critic. The four week program/coaching/teaching you offered us was unbelievable…. You listened to us.. and gave us a more then expected custom tailored program. I would recommend your services to anyone who has something in their life they want to change or discover why they do what they do… Once again.. I feel blessed and honored to work with you…”

This program will truly equip you with the tools you will need to improve your current relationship, attract a new relationship, or get out in the dating world once again.

Jonah Robins

Organizer of Improve your Relationships- 4 part webinar series

Jonah Robins is one of the leading transformational coaches in the country and offers a unique blend of meridian tapping techniques, meditational practices and TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises).  These modalities have the potential to quickly and safely address the emotional and somatic roots of problems so that the client can heal themselves.

Jonah initially wanted to be a businessman and sports agent.  However, in an effort to resolve some of his own long-standing physical and emotional challenges, he experienced the power of several mind-body-spirit healing modalities—particularly meridian tapping and TRE.  He subsequently dove into the study of these methods with a focus and intensity that few would believe.  He has worked with a worldwide clientele including medical doctors, coaches, psychotherapists, business professionals, parents, students, and many others just like you. He is daily inspired and motivated to help others face their challenges, improve their lives, and break free of their past and their limitations.

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