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ContraForce Pro-Dennis Webb
By DENNIS WEBB 3,277 views

An interesting product: ContraForce Pro

Injuries specific to an athlete’s sport are on the rise. However, elbow and shoulder injuries in young athletes are on the edge of becoming an epidemic says, Dennis Webb.  With the stresses of repetitive motion creating issues while training for specific disciplines, doctor offices are seeing many of the same injuries all too often, in all too many kids. Ligament injuries, muscle strains, nerve damage, etc created by overuse and poor mechanics is a topic in every sport.  The story is becoming all too common.  Sports medicine doctors pint to deficient fitness, poor mechanics, as well as a failure to warm up properly as contributing factors.

Causes of sports injury

The most common cause of injury is the poor training. For instance, muscles need at least 48 hours to recover after a workout. Increasing exercise intensity rapidly and not ending when pain develops while exercising also cause injury. Furthermore, sports injuries happen due to over training, dearth of conditioning, improper form or technique. In fact, failing to warm up also increases the risk of sports injury.

Common reasons for injuries in Sports – Baseball and Football

Dennis has developed a device i.e. ContraForce Pro designed to lessen the stress of over the head throwing motion on the athletes anatomy. Actually, the pitch counts in baseball game have become more and more essential, resulting in injuries frequently impacting the elbow and shoulder.

Moreover, as a result of the particular pressure put on football players, their injuries generally affect the shoulder, knees, and head. Plus, the accessibility of choices like 7 on 7 leagues, where throwing of a football is the only play allowable, leaves the over the head throwing motion (OHTM) to be overused, exacerbating injuries.

Although, both the above sports are different, however the injuries that players experience come from the overhead throwing motion.

How ContraForce Pro device help sports person

Dennis Webb and his Son Lake created the ContraForce Pro device to reduce, and even alleviate, the stresses of the OHTM.  The ContraForce Pro helps in creating required mechanics by placing the forces and resistance in particular directions. And through manipulation of mechanics, over the head throwing motion and delivery both are influenced.

To exemplify, just imagine working along with a pitcher to fling a baseball. Use of the ContraForce Pro device lifts a young pitcher’s elbow up through his motion. The device protects the elbow of the pitcher and creates mechanics to build upon. As the arm goes forward, the ContraForce Pro applies increasing vertical & horizontal forces on the arm and core as explained by Dennis Webb.

Hence, the arm moving forward react to the instability that vertical motion creates. This causes the device to pull in muscles not usually used in OHTM to complete the motion and deliver the ball on target. The device functions much like physical therapy exercises for rehabilitating shoulders.

Benefits of the ContraForce device

Here are some of the benefits of the sports device that Dennis Webb has created:

  • The device is fully adjustable with the worldwide setting which makes it an ideal choice to recover a wide variety of sports injuries.
  • This device allows players to spend more time on playing and less on the bench.
  • It opposes every move of the players so that they can get back to the way they want to move.

Wrapping Up

Dennis Webb has developed the ContraForce Pro device with the purpose to rehabilitate a wide variety of sports injuries. This device for baseball and American football is patented.

Dennis Webb

Dennis Webb has created Contra Force Pro to rehabilitate a wide variety of sports injuries. His purpose behind developing this device is to alleviate the stress of the overhead throwing motion. Furthermore, Dennis has a couple of patents on the device used in baseball and American football.