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Richard Lechartier

Jobs in The Tech Industry

Technology has evolved in a way that people have to keep up with it. Its evolution has brought changes and progress to society. Furthermore, as things change with technology, experts in the field also try to update their skills and knowledge.

According to Richard Lechartier, they need to learn new things, or they will be left behind.

Richard Lechartier is known in the entertainment industry as an entrepreneur. His firm, AVENTI Group, distributed movies and showed home videos on their platform. As a co-managing director, he has led AVENTI Group to be one of the leading home video and entertainment distributors in the country. Under his guidance, the company generated millions of EU in revenue.

Examples of Tech Jobs Available

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The AI industry is not new to the society. It has existed for more than five years and will continue to exist. This is because it has been adapted to our way of life. Since its introduction to the world, it has been used in every sector. It is doubtful that many people can live without it. AI is superior to other techniques because it makes use of; images, speech recognition, digital maps, digital assistance for users, and so on. Furthermore, AI is an analysis tool used for; prediction, communication, insight, connection, and decision-making. It is also used to generate money, analyze real-time data to make informed decisions.

AI’s future prediction is that the industry will be worth almost 200 billion dollars in the next 3 years. The reason for this is the government’s budget allocation set aside for the AI industry. AI researchers will have enough funds to research how to improve the AI sector. The number of Artificial Intelligence systems will expand in the market. More devices, apps, software, and technology will be AI-powered. This means the job market will be open, and AI professionals will get good-paying jobs. Professionals like programmers, developers, app or software testers, support agents will be needed in the industry.

To top it all, AI professionals are paid huge salaries, which makes it one of the highest-paying jobs.

Machine Learning

This is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and it is interrelated with AI. Machine learning is adopted by every sector just like AI therefore, the demands for experts are high. It is one of the sectors in IT that accounts for high employment rates in the country.

If you studied machine learning, you can become a:

  • Robots monitoring expert
  • Automation specialist
  • Data scientist
  • The content creator and so on.

Jobs available in the machine learning and Artificial Intelligence industry:

  • Artificial Intelligence research scientists
  • Artificial Intelligence (and/or machine learning) engineers
  • Artificial Intelligence architects

Robotics (Robotic Process Automation)

Robotics is another branch of AI in technology. Robotics is an automated process used by experts to make automated products. The products range from automated enterprise processes like; apps that interpret and analyze data and reply messages. They can also be automated mobile devices, computers, home appliances, vehicles, medical devices, and so on.

Moreover, robotics are used to perform repetitive tasks for users. This makes work easier and faster.

Just like other branches of technology, robotics is a skilled profession that is highly sought after.

While robotics is an enviable job, it has its disadvantages. Robots lack human emotions, and they will replace millions of human workers. Robotics will change the working still of the workforce and create new jobs. Also, not all jobs can be fully automated.

However, I.T experts are not affected if they try to learn new I.T skills. They can get jobs like:

  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Programmers
  • Financial analysts

Fintech jobs

  • Project managers
  • Consultants
  • Architects and so on.

It is also one of the highest-paying jobs in the world. So, you can also consider a job in the robotics department.

Cloud Computing (Specifically, Edge Computing)

It is not as high paying as the other jobs mentioned above. Moreover, big I.T companies have dominated the industry and this has made it a regular job. Still, the pay is higher than those professionals who work in non I.T sector. There are also many job opportunities in the sector.

Edge computing is used by every tech-savvy company to store their data and information. Small companies have also adopted the use of cloud storage. These companies choose cloud storage because the size of their data is too big for regular storage devices. Their data size is something they can’t control because the more the firm operates, the more the data increases. Therefore, they need a big storage capacity to house their database. This is why Edge storage is preferred by these companies.

Edge storage is a small data center that processes sensitive data located in distant areas. These areas have little or no internet access.

The demand for edge storage (and computing) is increasing daily. Therefore, more professionals in the field are needed. This means more job opportunities for experts in this field.

In addition, the market value for this field is estimated to increase to billions of dollars by December.

List of jobs available for experts by Richard Lechartier:

  • Reliability engineers
  • Cloud Infrastructural engineers
  • Cloud Architects

Development operations cloud engineers

  • Security engineers

In conclusion, no matter the tech job you choose, ensure you are highly skilled in the field.

Richard Lechartier

Richard Lechartier is a 50-year-old entrepreneur. He co-founded AVENTI Group in the UK in 1999, where he held the position of joint- Managing Director for several years. AVENTI Group with was involved in FMCG distributio