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changing trends in corporate events
By ANEESH 2,183 views

Major Changing trends in Corporate Events for 2018

The year 2017 brought many exciting new developments in the Events field; and there is some amazing stuff lined up for the coming year as well. By staying aware of changing trends, corporate event organizers in Bangalore can be prepared for how it will affect them in the future. Let’s see what events will entail in 2018:

1. More Localized experience:

Not just the cuisine, attendees will be offered a more in-depth local experience in the form of guided tours, local culture (maybe a couple of indigenous dance or music performances), a bit of history and so on. Even gifts or giveaways are likely to be something unique to the place; for example, if the event is in Jaipur, the gift could be locally crafted minakari items; miniature ‘nettipattams’ (decorative headgear of elephants) for guests at an event in Kochi, and so on.

2. Greater emphasis on Virtual Reality:

We’re not talking just about people at the conference wearing VR headsets; we are referring to allowing people who are not physically present at the venue to be a part of the event through video conferencing, 3D holograms, and so on. One can expect to see more virtual speakers on the stage, digital hangouts for networking, virtual meeting place and more, for those who were unable to make it to the venue.

3. Emphasis on Sustainability:

All of mankind’s rampant unsustainable actions have taken a toll on the Earth, and so it’s now time that we think about reversing the effects. Corporate organizations are taking the lead through their CSR activities, so events now will have a greater focus on sustainability. We could well see more paperless events, recycled or recyclable materials being used, support for the local community by giving business to local vendors, including charitable activities like say sponsoring students from less fortunate families.

 4. Crowdshaping:

Crowdshaping will allow event management companies in Bangalore to say, change the type of music, the cooling level of the A/C, and more, as per the audience preferences. They will be able to do this by collecting information from attendees though live surveys, Smartphones and wearable devices, and of course social media. For example, if you find many guests tweeting about the unbearable music volume, you can see it, and immediately reduce it. Crowdshaping is here to stay, and will be a huge part of events in the years to come.

 5. Unplugged:

Sometimes the tech and digital around us can be overwhelming. We can well expect to see more events offering unplugged experiences: no wifi, tranquil venues (expect lot of outdoors), structured breaks, meditation sessions, and so on.

6. Unique venues:

Venues today are expected to make a statement. Hotel auditoriums are boring; traditional venues are unexciting, and today’s audience demands something bold and beautiful – something that will make a statement. Out of the box seating arrangements are also in high demand, rather than conventional theater seating.


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