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To Avoid Nevada Domestic Violence Penalties
By DALE A. HAYES 2,502 views

Things You Must Consider To Avoid Nevada Domestic Violence Penalties

Domestic violence is not something that we should ignore. In the eye of the law, it is a serious crime. People usually hide it with silence, ignorance, and with so many excuses. However, it is not something to hide, rather we should make everyone aware of this crime.

So, let’s explore things that you must consider to avoid Nevada Domestic Violence Penalties.

It may be more than physical

Domestic abuse is more than physical, it could be verbal, emotional, or sexual; also it may involve control over finances, social isolation, or other forcible tactics used to maintain the control.

It may start slightly

Domestic violence usually starts with small actions, later it increases with possessiveness or intimidation.

Leaving sometimes difficult and riskier

Needless to say, it is always better to leave an abusive partner. After all, there is no question to stay with an abusive partner. Most people stay in such a relationship because of many reasons like economic dependence, the fear, and even sometimes love is also the reason. But when a victim starts making a plan to leave, the risk of threats, increases. Even stalking, sexual violence and suicide increases as well. In most cases, it becomes dangerous for a woman to stay in an abusive relationship and to leave.

One should always support and trust survivors

Sometimes you find difficult “saving” someone from abuse. But at least you can offer support whenever possible. Express concern, listen to them and always make them believe that you are there for them. Help them with options and support them in making the choices they want to make in the best way possible.

Start in your own home

 You don’t need to look outside to help people from domestic violence. You should start in your own home. Make sure there should be non-violent behavior and language in your own family, workplace, social circle, and communities. Help and teach your children the value of maintaining have healthy, open relationships. Do not hesitate in asking for help if you are experiencing violence or abuse or witnessing it. Peaceful and healthy relationships always start with you.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the things you must be taken care of to avoid Nevada domestic violence penalties. In case you have any suggestion or query regarding domestic violence law, feel free to write below in the comment box.

Dale A. Hayes

Dale is a second generation Las Vegan and his son Tripp is a third generation. Dale graduated from Durango High School and received a golf/athletic scholarship from Point Loma College. Dale started as a true freshman and played in several collegiate tournaments. In 2001, Dale graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. In 2004, he received his Juris Doctor Degree, graduating in the top third of his class from the William S. Boyd School of Law. While at Boyd, Dale defended juveniles accused of crimes as a student attorney of the Thomas & Mack Legal Clinic. Dale was involved in various criminal defenses ranging from drug possession to grand theft. Dale previously served as a judicial extern to the Honorable Stewart L. Bell.