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By ELIZABETH OOMI 5,628 views

How Technology is Bringing new Ideas for Packaging Industries

The packaging industry is full of innovations and challenges. Different technologies are introduced over time creating a big impact. The packaging is the best way to influence sales. The way you design your custom packaging boxes help in grasping customers’ attention and retaining them for long. However, it is necessary to keep moving with the changing trends. The companies which fail to innovate lack far behind in the race. It’s the reason that box manufacturers Chicago are implementing new technologies to make their packaging more appealing. Below are some of the new ideas which have influenced the industry in this regard:

johnnie walker blue label nfc

It is also known as intelligent and active packaging. It is experiencing enormous growth. From the customers’ perspective, smart packaging offers several value-added benefits like enhancing the unboxing experience, eye-catchy visuals, authentication, connectivity, product preservation, and protection. For brands, it has opened new channels of communicating with the customers. Traditional QR codes are being replaced by Bluetooth and NFC technologies. Now the customers can easily scan the label on the packaging cardboard boxes or the product itself. This directs them directly to the company’s website where they can be updated about the product. They can get access to the newsfeed and give their opinions accordingly.

  • Zero-Waste Packaging:

Zero-Waste Packaging

Although the use of sustainable customized boxes is a good effort to reduce waste, to take this initiative a step further custom printed & packaging companies decided to use natural plant life as a source of packaging. Universal Biopack started using bamboo and cassava to design product boxes. This overcomes the massive amount of trash produced by the world. After five years of struggle, they have finally succeeded in creating zero-waste packaging. Custom small boxes were created from the leftover scraps of the chopstick manufacturing process in Thailand. This was a big effort to replace plastic bags, Styrofoam boxes or anything which ends in waste and can’t be recycled. Universal Biopack is currently selling its packaging to restaurants and manufacturers. However, efforts are still going to overcome the high manufacturing cost of these restaurants to go boxes.

  • Skin Pack:

Skin Pack

Food and food packaging waste are one of the biggest concerns in the packaging industry. To handle this problem a global packaging supplier, named Advanta, started to create skin-pack aluminum poultry trays.  The food is vacuum packed due to the presence of a film at the top. The tin perfectly shaped around the food preventing oxygen from getting into the custom size box. This increases shelf life by 300%. The aluminum tray is eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and used to make several packaging design options.

  • Corrugated Packaging:

Corrugated packaging is an old concept but its future looks very bright. It valued to be $155 billion in 2017, which is expected to get double by 2025. This massive growth is attributed to the quality of packaging customers get by using these carton boxes. Coupled with sustainable efforts and low price, its demand is rising further. Over time, there is an increase in the applications of corrugated material. Corrugated shipping boxes wholesale are used worldwide for the transportation of goods. It fulfills several packaging requirements. Moreover, a corrugated shipping box is not only cost-effective but strong and recyclable. This adds to its advantage more.

  • Bees Wrap:

One of the main sources of household waste comes from the kitchen. It may be in the form of plastic wrap, tin foil, or Styrofoam packaging, etc. In 2012, an initiative was started to reduce the kitchen trash by using Bees Wrap. It is a much better alternative for food packaging as compared to a custom printed box. The packaging is made from organic cotton, jojoba oil, tree resin, and beeswax. It is reusable and washable eliminating a large amount of waste. Moreover, it’s very easy to use. It can be sealed by your natural body warmth, refrigerated and can be used repeatedly.

  • Six Pack Ring:

Six Pack Ring

Plastic waste accumulated in our oceans is one of the biggest problems. More than 100 million tons of plastic are produced every year and 10 million of its waste ends up in water bodies. To address this problem a beer company named Saltwater Brewery from Florida came up with an innovative idea. They created a six-pack ring by using wheat and barley. Both are the by-products of the brewing process. Such type of packaging is much better than other alternatives. Although cardboard boxes wholesale was a sustainable option, this six-pack ring reduced the use of material a step further. It is 100% biodegradable, and compostable. If discharged in water, it can be smoothly eaten by the sea-life.

Elizabeth Oomi

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