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By LISA SMITH 340 views

Remembering Onteris – A Tribute to the Viral Rihanna Fan

He was the boy who made the world dance with him. He was the boy who fulfilled his dream of meeting his idol. Onteris brought joy and inspiration to millions of people. He was Onteris Owens Campbell, the viral Vine star and Rihanna fan, who tragically passed away on December 29, 2023, at the age of 19.

In this article, we will honor and remember the life and enduring influence of Onteris. He truly captured the hearts of everyone with his skills, captivating personality, and unwavering dedication.

We will tell you about the video that propelled him to fame, his encounter with Rihanna, and the profound mark he left on both social media and popular culture.

Onteris was more than just a Vine star. He was a son, a brother, a friend, and a role model. He was a shining star who left us too soon, but whose light will never fade. Join us as we remember Onteris, the viral Rihanna fan who made us all smile.

How Onteris Became a Viral Sensation

Onteris Owens Campbell was a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina. He was born on January 15, 2004, and resided with his mother, Kimberly D. Campbell, and siblings Jiovanni, Kimera, Harold, and Sabeon.

He attended Seventy-First High School in Fayetteville and gained fame as a viral Vine personality.

Onteris Owens Campbell was not a typical teenager. He had a passion for dancing, especially to the songs of his idol, Rihanna.

He would often record himself performing hip-hop moves and post them on Vine, a short-form video-sharing app.

One of his videos, where he danced to Rihanna’s hit song “The Monster”, caught the attention of millions of viewers and catapulted him to internet fame.

The video, which was uploaded on December 17, 2023, showed Onteris wearing a red hoodie and black pants, standing in front of a Christmas tree.

He lip-synced to the chorus of the song and then broke into a series of energetic and impressive moves, shaking his hips and arms with flair.

The video was only six seconds long, but it was enough to captivate the audience and make them smile.

The video gained widespread attention, reaching over 20 million views and 10 million likes on Vine. It also gained traction on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, with audiences praising Onteris for his skill and charm.

Numerous celebrities, including Rihanna, shared the video and voiced their appreciation for Onteris. He expressed gratitude to his fans for their support and affection and stated his aspiration to motivate others to follow their passions and communicate through dance.

He said that dancing gave him joy and confidence and that he wanted to share that with the world.

Onteris’ Family and Friends Share Their Grief and Love

Onteris’ sudden and tragic death left his family and friends heartbroken and devastated.

They shared their grief and love for Onteris on social media and in interviews, remembering him as a kind, funny, and talented young man who had a bright future ahead of him.

His mother, Kimberly D. Campbell, posted a touching tribute to her son on Facebook, saying that he was her “angel” and her “pride and joy”. She wrote: “I can’t believe you are gone, my baby. You were the best thing that ever happened to me.

You made me so proud of you every day. You were my angel, my pride and joy, my everything. I love you more than words can say. I miss you so much. Rest in peace, my son. You will always be in my heart.”

His siblings, Jiovanni, Kimera, Harold, and Sabeon, also posted heartfelt messages and photos of Onteris on their respective social media accounts, saying that he was their “brother”, their “friend”, their “inspiration”, and their “guardian angel”.

They said that they would always cherish the memories they had with Onteris and that they would honor his legacy by following their dreams and passions.

Various social media platforms such as X, Reddit, and Instagram are filled with messages of condolences and tributes from fans.

One fan wrote, “The popular Vine star who created the iconic hip dance to Rihanna’s song ‘The Monster’ has passed away this morning. Sending love and prayers to their family and friends.”

Another expressed, “This is truly heartbreaking.” A third wrote, “I was shocked to hear the news this morning. They will always be remembered as an icon. Rest in peace.”

A fourth message read, “I was not expecting this…rest in peace star.”

Bottom Line

Onteris Owens Campbell was a young man who lived his life with passion, talent, and joy. He touched the hearts of many with his videos, his dance moves, his humor, and his spirit. He left a lasting impression on the world of social media and pop culture. He was a star who shone bright but left us too soon. May he rest in peace.

Lisa Smith

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